Why WhatsApp web video not playing on Safari?

Most of the time browser may have a problem.

Why WhatsApp web video not playing on Safari? There is a possibility that the plugin support is not enabled in your Safari browser. Use the below settings to allow the plug-ins and try after the setting is executed.

  1. Safari > Preferences > Security > Internet Plug-ins
    Make sure that “Allow Plug-ins is enabled.
  2. Safari > Preferences > Extensions
  3. Ensure all the boxes are unchecked and test again.
  4. Next, I enabled the extension one by one and tried to play the video simultaneously to find which plug-in is causing the problem.
  5. Once you detect the extension that is causing the problem, uninstall it.
Why WhatsApp web video not playing on Safari?

How to use Whatsapp web on the Safari browser?

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Using the Whatsapp web on the safari browser is enjoyable. You get the opportunity to watch the shared videos and pictures on the WhatsApp message on the large screen monitor. Access your safari browser on the PC and connect to the WhatsApp web with the link.

The WhatsApp web is developed to enable the users to use the WhatsApp application while working on the PC. It is an alternative solution to your smartphone device.

As you cannot use your smartphone device while working, it would be easy to manage two devices to make the messages and again go back to the computer to manage the task.

When you want to download the file on your computer, it would be easy to transfer the file from your smartphone to the pc.

You may have to connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable and move the file to the computer. That would take a lot of time, and it also not convenient for many people.

The WhatsApp web gives you easy access to your messages and data on WhatsApp to copy or download your computer.

Once you are connected to the WhatsApp web, you will access all the features offered by the WhatsApp application.

Send messages, chat with your friends, interact in the group, enjoy shared content on WhatsApp, and do many more with the single application.

The data shared on the WhatsApp web is automatically synced to the mobile application in real-time. You do not have to wait for the data to appear on the WhatsApp mobile application.

Step by Step guide to using the Whatsapp Web on your Safari browser

1) Open your safari browser on your computer.

2) Go to web.whatsapp.com website URL.

3) Once the page is loaded, a unique QR code will appear on the right-hand side section.

4) The unique QR code is required for the authentication.

5) Next, go to your mobile Whatsapp application. Go to setting > click web >, and it will open the camera window to scan the QR code.

6) Point the camera to the computer screen at the QR code.

7) It will scan the code and confirm the authentication.

8) It will connect your device to the web, and you will have access to the WhatsApp web application.

Now you will be able to perform all the activities that you do on your smartphone device. Ensure that you log out from the WhatsApp web when you leave your computer or turn off the computer.

The WhatsApp web stays login until it is used manually to log out from the active session even if you turn off the computer.

The WhatsApp web will be active. When you turn on the PC again and assess the WhatsApp web, you will notice it is already logged in.

You do not have to perform the same login procedure or QR code scan to access WhatsApp. You can immediately start working on your web WhatsApp without any trouble.

What could be the common reason of WhatsApp web video is not playing on Safari?

The WhatsApp web is compatible with all the major browsers. So there is very little chance that you will not access the Whatsapp web on Safari.

However, if you are facing a problem, you could perform the safari browser upgrade.

In many cases, the existing cache files or the specific plugin restriction could create a WhatsApp web problem.

Identifying the problem and solving it with a permanent solution could require a diagnosis of the safari browser.

The first thing that you have to do is to check the active plugins in your browser. Go to setting and find the plugins. Check the status of it. Ensure that the available plugins are useful.

You do not have plugins that are not in use, or you are unaware of the plugin. Sometimes the spammy plugin gets added during the browsing.

They reside in the browser all the time, scanning your web activities during the active mode.

For example, the adware plugins would scan your web browser while using it and block access to the third-party website.

This could be one reason why your WhatsApp web is not able to play video files. It may be blocked, and you would have to remove the plugins, restricting access to the WhatsApp web.

Go back to the setting and disable the plugins one by one. Every time you disable the plugin, go to the web WhatsApp and refresh the page to see if the video file is accessible.

Once you find the plugin that blocking the access, delete the plugin. Ensure that it is common plugins and you do not require it in the future.

Once the plugin is removed from the safari browser, you will access your device’s video files. Refresh the page before you try to access the video file on your WhatsApp web.

Final Verdicts:

Generally, the problem occurs to Whatsapp web when there is a compatibility issue with your device.

Also, check your internet connection for any restriction of accessing the data on the web.

If the video links are blocked on your IP, you will not watch the video files. Follow the above-given instruction to resolve the web video not playing Safari.

If you followed our steps closely, you could quickly fix the WhatsApp web video not playing on the safari problem.

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