Why WhatsApp stickers make the iPhone crash?

The cause of the problem lies in the heavy animated file.

Why WhatsApp stickers make the iPhone crash? These files are made of high bandwidth programming files. When you use it, the server has to process them using your internet connection, device hardware, and storage system. Unavailability of any of the resources may cause WhatsApp to crash.

Why WhatsApp stickers make the iPhone crash?

Animated stickers on WhatsApp cause crashes on iOS?

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The animated stickers are a great way to express your emotions and add fun to the boring Whatsapp chatting. However, the animated stickers are launch recently, and it is in the early stage of development.

The developer may not have received sufficient data to make it compatible with all the devices. Hence, many users are facing the issue of animated stickers.

The users have reported that the animated stickers make their Whatsapp crash whenever they send the stickers to the other person.

Compared to the other images, the processing power to send and receive the animated sticker is too high. The data is processed in real-time using internet connectivity and the processing power of the device.

If any of the elements is not supporting, Whatsapp will have trouble processing the animated sticker. As a result, Whatsapp causes a crash on IOS.

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Why does my WhatsApp close when I open stickers?

Some users are facing the issue of WhatsApp when they try to open the stickers. The problem is most common while using the app and exchanging animated stickers. When you are dealing with high-end files, the applications require permission to use more processing power.

If your device has a limitation on the amount of element it can process at the given time, the app will crash.

Whatsapp applications may not process the information at the necessary speed when the program is stress more than it can handle.

If you are willing to use the WhatsApp animated stickers, first close the other background application and free up space. The device much have high-speed internet to download and sent the animated files.

As well as the hardware must support handling the high bandwidth files. The size of the animated sticker is mostly large and may not serve the purpose if it is not supported.

Hence, it would be best if you considered the processing power when using animated stickers.

There are also possibilities that the animated stickers are not compatible with all types of devices. They sometimes crash if there are no resources available.

How do I enable animated stickers on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp has recently launched the most awaited features of the called animated stickers. The animated stickers make the interaction between two people more entertaining.

You can use these stickers to express your emotion in a fun way. The bright color stickers are made of various emotional states that represent your expressing power.

Whatsapp is currently implementing animated stickers on popular devices and operating systems. Now, the feature is released in the beta version.

The new upgrade will be released frequently and supported by more devices in the coming months. Whatsapp is planned to roll out the final version to a large audience.

Here is the step-by-step guide to activating the animated stickers on your phone.

1) Go to the WhatsApp application and open any user’s chats to which you want to send the emoji icon.

2) Click on the emoji icon to open more options.

3) Once the sticker window is open, click on the plus icon.

4) New window will show you all the available stickers. Some of them are animated, and some are standard stickers without movement.

5) In the list of stickers, you will find the new sticker packed named Playful Plyomaru.

6) Click on the download to initiate the download of the new animated stickers pack. When the stickers are downloaded, they will be available on the mobile.

7) Again, go back to the chat, and you will be able to see the animated stickers.

Why phone crash when using the Whatsapp animated stickers?

The crash is a sign that there is something wrong with your device. The hardware may not support the Whatsapp features, which makes it crash while using it.

Therefore, you should check the compatibility issue before using the new WhatsApp features.

Also, the animated sticker is released in the beta version. It is still under development. The stickers may consume large bandwidth.

If your device is not supporting the heavy file processing, the sticker may cause your device to shut down.

If possible, do not use the sticker until Whatsapp release the stable version.

However, if it is essential and you cannot live without it, the only option is to offer maximum processing power. As the device starts causing the problem, shut down the background process.

Anything that causes the app to fall should be blocked. When Whatsapp receives the maximum processing power, the animated sticker will load quickly.

Also, know that the animated stickers may have a bug in them. If that is the problem with your mobile, you should not use the animated sticker.

Instead, you have to Wait for the next update and download the new version. In any case, WhatsApp releases a stable version that solves most of the common issues.

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Bottom Line:

Whatsapp could find the solution soon to the animated sticker issue. However, until the beta version is in force, you should use them occasionally. The new release will have better options also support the wide range of the device.

As you start using the animated sticker, the other process of WhatsApp gets block. Also, some devices have a security shield that makes the app fall when they encounter a problem in their application.

So it would be best if you worked on the optimization of your phone. Several applications help you to free up space on your phone by deleting the cache and temporary files.

When you have such a problem with your device, you should take the help of these applications.

You can also drop the message to the Whatsapp support forum to let the developer know that you are facing a particular problem. It will help the developer to recognize the problem and release a stable version to fix the problem.

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