Why WhatsApp live location not updating?

A network connection is the most important thing to update your WhatsApp location continually.

Why WhatsApp live location not updating? When live location shared device stopped or expired, your WhatsApp live location is no longer updated. Because you will not get the data feeds from that WhatsApp device to your device. Both WhatsApp devices should be on active mode and connected online.

When the person starts moving, approximately every 5 minutes, the new location is detected and presented to the user. The active location service constantly gets updated, and information is shared. If there is no movement, the location detection application stops to save the battery.

How to share your live location on Whatsapp?

What causes the WhatsApp location service to stop updating?

The location detection application runs autonomously. There are several reasons why the location service might have stopped updating the data.

Here is the most common reason people face when they try to locate the location on their device.

1) In some cases, the device might have set up the incorrect date and time. For any computer device to run accurately, the date has to be sync with the local time.

If there is an issue with the date or time, the device will go haywire. You will not be able to detect the location of the device on the Whatsapp app.

2) While moving, your mobile data connection or the cellular internet connection should be active.

Also, location detection features require sufficient bandwidth to download and upload the location details to the server.

If your device lacks a primary internet facility, it would not be easy to track the device and get the location data.

3) Location detection service requires prior permission to send and receive the data. If in your Smartphone device, location service is disabled, you may not detect the location on the other device.

4) Location service is turned off on the device would restrict the other user from detecting the device location.

You have to enable the setting to gain control over the current location and share the details with others.

5) The device may have restrictions under the state government law. Some country has banned the location service in their country, which makes the device unable to detect the other device’s location.

6) Problem with your device. There might be a software error that troubles the location finder application from running smoothly.

You may have to reset or repair the application to fix the software problem in your device.

However, the software problem is unlikely, but updating the software could be the final option in getting your location service back to normal.

How to use WhatsApp Live Location?

Whatsapp Live Location features enable the user to share their current location with others in their contact list. The real-time location service is provided to find the accurate location of the person. You can use independent location sharing or group chat sharing.

You also have the option to set the time to location share, and after the given time limit is over, the location service will be removed.

Users have been given the complete rights to restrict others from accessing your location. You can disable the service anytime in the setting.

Once the service is disabled, the live location is no longer be shared.

Once you share the location with other WhatsApp users, the other person can track you down until the service is active.

The person can use the shared location to find you at the given place. Use the static thumbnail image or zoom-in feature to find the location.

The location service on Whatsapp is fully secured and encrypted with the end to end connection.

No one can see your live location other than the person with whom you have shared the details. You can comfortably share your location without needing to worrying about privacy.

How to share your live location on WhatsApp?

Sharing the live real-time location on Whatsapp is easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to access the live location service on Whatsapp.

1) Enable the location permission on your smart device.

Go to settings> Apps & Notifications > Advanced > App > Permissions > Location > Turn ON the Whatsapp.

2) Now click the Whatsapp icon on your phone to open the app.

3) Find the person or the group chat where you want to share the location.

4) Tap Attach > Location > Share Live Location.

5) You are given the option to select the length of the time the location service will be active.

Your location service will be disabled when the given time is over, and the other person would not be able to access your current location.

You can also find the comment section underneath to leave a message to the receiver.

How to fix WhatsApp live location not updating issue?

Follow this guideline to fix the Whatsapp live location not updating problem.

1) Check the GPS service. Go to setting and enable the GPS service to allow the Smartphone device to track the location using the GPS.

2) Confirm with your friend or the location receiving person that they have an active internet connection as well as the phone has active location detection.

If the other person has the location service disable or is restricted in their area, the person might not be able to access your location.

3) Location service uses the internet facility. Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to support the real-time internet connection.

The data will be shared back and forth, which would require uptime. Slow internet facility may take some time to refresh it.

4) Reboot your phone if it doesn’t support the location service. Rebooting would remove any glitch in the software and reset all the settings to its default settings.

5) If your WhatsApp still does not support the location service, try to uninstall and reinstall it again. Updating to the latest version also solves the issue.

Final Verdict

Live location finder on WhatsApp is a useful service offer by the Whatsapp app. It would be best if you had the service to use when you want to share the location with your friends and family members.

The location finder is also beneficial when you lot the way home in a remote area and looking for help from your family members or friends.

You can share the location with your friends. They will be able to find you with the location details and reach you to pick you up. Follow the given suggestions to fix the problem.

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