Why turn off the proximity sensor for WhatsApp?

The proximity sensor turns off the screen when it detects the object in front of it.

Why turn off the proximity sensor for WhatsApp? You will not be able to listen to the voice message. Turning off the proximity sensor would disable the features, and you can comfortably attend to the voice message or video message without any trouble.

Why turn off the proximity sensor for WhatsApp?

What are the benefits of turning the Proximity sensor for WhatsApp?

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When you lift your phone to attend the call, the proximity sensor turns off the screen to avoid unwanted touch. If you try to listen to the voice messages or video messages by putting the phone near the ear, the phone will automatically be locked.

All the background functions will be stopped. You will not be able to listen to any of the voice messages.

1. Sometimes, the proximity sensor shows functional error while using it. The phone disables the screen while using it.

2. The problem occurs when the proximity sensor is damaged, or there is something in front of the proximity sensor that makes the sensor considers the dark patches as the object.

3. If you experience the screen going black while using the phone, clean the screen, especially near the front camera, where the proximity sensor is mainly installed. You will not be able to access your phone when the proximity sensor is not working.

4. Also, there is a possibility that you are touching the proximity sensor with your fingers. Carry the phone properly, and do not block the area near the proximity sensors.

5. The sensor is susceptible, and it recognizes any shadow or object near the screen instantly. When it detects any object in front of it, the phone will be turned off.

6. If you consistently see the screen going black and you cannot attend the voice message on WhatsApp or speakerphone. You are likely tripping the proximity sensor. Find any dirt or damage near the sensor. Readjust your hand if it is blocking the screen.

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What is a proximity sensor in mobile?

 The proximity sensor is the technology used to protect the screen from unwanted touch while calling or attending the voice messages. When you attend the call, there are possibilities that the phone will process the contact of your skin as the input and activate any of the applications on your phone.

The proximity sensor detects the object in front of it and automatically turns off the screen before it touches to skin or the object allowing you to attend the call safely.

 The proximity sensor is comprised of infrared LED and IR Light detectors.

The two of the sensor technology are capable of detecting the object with high accuracy. Infrared can detect the object in the pitch-black darkroom.

 The primary job of the proximity sensor is to detect how close the object is to the phone. For example, the proximity sensor gets activated when you lift your phone near the ear to attend the call.

 There are several reasons why proximity valuable sensor for the user.

One of the proximity sensors uses to avoid unwanted touch to the screen and protect your phone from automatically accessing the app and other features.

 Another reason is the proximity sensor reduces battery use while you are on the call. Imagine the screen light is turned on all the time when you are on the call.

Your phone will consume more battery than usual if your phone doesn’t have a proximity sensor in it.

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How does the iPhone proximity sensor work?

 The iPhone’s proximity sensor is auto-tuned to detect the object near the phone and get activated instantly. The iPhone’s proximity sensor uses the Infrared LED pulsing to measure the light reflecting from the nearby object.

 In simple words, the light emitted from the infrared is bounced back from the nearby object and detected in the proximity sensor to identify the object.

If the measurement shows the object is too close, the proximity sensor sends the signal to the operating system informing the object.

The system turns off the screen immediately to avoid unwanted touch. 

 Furthermore, when the light doesn’t bounce back, the proximity sensor sends another signal to the system that the object is not nearby.

The system follows the instructions and turns the screen back to normal.

 The function is crucial for preventing your phone from activating the application or taking action when your skin touches the screen.

You can comfortably have your conversation without worrying about the phone doing weird things without you noticing it. The proximity sensor also enables the phone to save battery life.

 It is a completely automated function that doesn’t need manual operation. It runs smoothing without making any noise or indication.

Imagine how annoying to see the application the phone gets activated while you are on the call. Your face may touch the screen, which could be considered as the input by the system.

 In the worst case, the phone will delete essential files without your consent thinking you are taking action.

Also, there is a possibility that the phone will initiate another call while you are on call when your cheek touches the contact list.

How to turn off proximity sensor for Whatsapp iPhone?

 Follow this step-by-step guide to turn off the proximity sensor for WhatsApp iPhone.

 1) Go to the home screen of your phone. Tap Phone located on the lower-left corner.

 2) Tap Menu

 3) Tap Call settings

 4) In the next step, Turn off the screen during calls to enable or disable the phone. Ensure the checkmark is present on the setting.

Final Verdict: 

 The proximity sensor for WhatsApp does a great job in saving battery life. When you are on call, the proximity sensor protects the phone from unwanted touch.

The calls, applications, and features will get activated if the proximity sensor is not working correctly.

 Keep the proximity sensor active on the phone for a better experience. Disable the features when you have a special requirement for the use of the phone.

The proximity sensor is a great function and made available for the users to save battery life and essential function.

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