Why screen recording has no sound on WhatsApp?

No sound is a bug in the OS.

Why screen recording has no sound on WhatsApp? When you are screen recording and want to record the voice and use the mic, press and hold the screen recording button for a few seconds, it will pop up the action center to see the Microphone Audio is turned off. Turn on the mic, and the problem will be solved.

Why screen recording has no sound on Whatsapp?

Whatsapp video call screen recording no sound iOS?

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Many users have reported the issue on various online forums. It seems that the setting on the iOS may cause the audio to stay mute even if you have all the audio settings enabled. The bug may get fixed in the next OS update by Apple.

There are several ways you can fix this problem and start recording the video and audio both while doing the screen recording. Follow the step-by-step method to resolve the issue.

1) Force turned on the microphone audio.

Screen recording settings generally have audio and video-enabled. When the screen recording is working with no audio file, there might be a glitch in the software.

The microphone might be turned off in the microphone audio setting. Enable the audio in the microphone setting.

  • Go to the control center. There will be a screen record icon. Click to it.
  • Press and hold the screen recording button for a few seconds. It is will popup the microphone audio option below.
  • Tap on the option to turn on the audio setting. The grey button will turn the red color.
  • Now the audio while screen recording is enabled.

2) Restart the phone:

In major cases, the screen recording glitch would be one reason you cannot record the on-screen audio recording.

When you restart the phone, the OS flushes the cache files and temporary files build by the application installed on your phone.

Once the cache is deleted, the new cache will be build when the phone is fully restarted. The app will now have the default setting, which may allow you to record audio and video both.

3) Reset All Setting:

Any quick fix is resetting all the iOS settings in one go. The phone has a one-click solution that sent the phone back to the default setting; if you have made any setting to the operating system, notification or grant special permission to a particular app to make the changes.

The reset all settings feature will take away all the permissions from the app and give you a fresh start. It is a very effective method to close any unwanted app and restrict them from making any changes to the phone. 

Sometimes the optimization app changes the settings of the other apps to make your phone run faster and operate smoothly. While doing this, this software might cause functional changes to the essential application. 

There are possibilities that the audio recording feature on the phone might have disabled by these apps. Reset settings will grant permission to the screen recording app, and you will run the software smoothly.

To make the setting, follow this instruction.

Go to settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Do not worry, and all your data is safe. It will only reset the basic settings without harming any applications or data. 

4) Restore backup:

The phone takes frequent backup of your data and primary setting when connected to the cloud service. Also, iTunes has the option to save the backup of your phone. Restore the backup and get the previous setting back.

If you have the screen recording software working fine earlier and lately producing the error, uploading the old backup file would solve the problem.

Connect your device to the USB cable. Launch iTunes and click on the device icon. Find the icon in the upper left corner. 

Click on the restore backup option and choose iTunes backup. If the backup file is encrypted with the password, the phone will ask you to put the password to initiate the installation process. Enter the pass, and the backup restore process will begin.

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 Why is there no sound on my screen recording Android?

The microphone sound might be disabled on the phone. First, enable the sound setting and then start recording the screen. 

Go to settings and tap on the sound source. It will open the popup menu on your screen. You will see three options on the screen, mute mic and system sound.

Choose the mic sound and save the settings. If you are willing to save the sound using the system sound method, choose the system sound option. 

Run the demo video on different settings to check which gives you better quality output. The system sound records only internal sounds such as Gameplay.

Microphone options record both internal sound and the voice coming out from the surrounding. Depending on your requirement, turn on or off certain features.

 How can I record my Whatsapp screen with audio?

Apple OS has inbuilt features to record the Whatsapp screen with audio. The feature is currently released to the software versions of OS 11 and later. Using this feature, you can record your call, voice recording, and do any screen recording on your phone while operating the app.

Make settings on your phone using the below procedure:

  • Open the settings on your phone.
  • Go to the control .center
  • Click on the customize option.
  • Now open the “Plus” show beside the “Screen Recording.”
  • Now to the “Record Icon,” you can find the microphone to record any WhatsApp calls.

Once the setting is enabled, your phone will use the screen recorder with real-time audio. The feature may not be available in the older version of the IOS. So you may have to take the help of a third-party application. 

If you are not able to listen to audio, check the microphone setting. Sometimes the microphone is disabled on your phone, so it will not record the external voice.

Apply the given solution and see it solve your problem of the screen recording while audio is enabled. If nothing works, then open the support ticket on the respected OS support forum. The team will help you to solve the problem.

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