Why is my WhatsApp video call blurry?

The most common reason is the network problem.

Why is my WhatsApp video call blurry? A weak network signal reduces the data download speed. WhatsApp video call requires high-speed internet to receive and send the images. Delay may cause the video call to freeze or produce blurry images. Switch to a stable network to solve the problem.

Why is WhatsApp video call blurry?

What is the reason for poor WhatsApp video call quality?

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Poor video quality is the most discussed topic on the internet. The cause of the poor video call lies under the network problem. Video calls are a new technology that allows users to talk to other people from a distance over real-time video.

Usually, the videos are made of high bandwidth images.

Producing the video images on the network requires the high-speed network to download the essential video files in real-time video calling challenge when the network is unstable. 

The delay in receiving and sending the data over the network causes the app to compromise on video quality instead of disconnecting the video call. As soon as you connect to the high-speed internet, the issue will disappear. 

How to improve my WhatsApp video call quality?

Here are some of the common solutions to fix the blurry video call quality.

1) The low network signal could be one of the reasons why the video call is blurry. Increase the data usage or remove the limit from the data usage and try connecting on the video call. 

Most probably, the issue will be resolve when high-speed internet is available. The image may freeze if there is less network bandwidth. As soon as you connect to the stable network, the video call will perform well.

2) Ensure the hardware capacity is optimum to perform the video over the Whatsapp call. However, modern devices are equipped with the latest technology that performs well in various circumstances. 

Still looking for the hardware to confirm the required facility is available. The software support is also crucial for a seamless experience while using the WhatsApp app. 

The video call quality will be reduced if the device does not meet the requirements of WhatsApp. For example, the resolution of the phone and the pixel it produces for the video have to match the requirement. 

The low-resolution screen will produce poor quality video output. The app may not be able to comply with the phone resolution causing it to reduce the efficiency of the output. You will experience blurry images while on the video call on WhatsApp.

3) Keep the front camera at the appropriate distance when using the phone. It is the most common mistake that people make. The mobile camera produces lens blur when the object in front of it is too close to the camera. 

The object should be at a specific distance to capture the images and produce the neat video for the WhatsApp calling. Also, check the autofocus sensors. 

Failed autofocus service may make the camera produce low-quality images. It may continue to readjust the camera lens, which may cause the image to look blurry. 

You have first to fix the damage autofocus service before you start using the app for video calling. A low-quality camera lens also reduces the image resolution. 

4) The Low light condition also causes a low image or blurry video quality. Stand in front of sufficient light. Keep the stable phone while on the video call. If requires, put the phone on the mobile stand to avoid shaking hands during the video call. 

The moving camera forces the device to adjust the focal lens repeatedly, causing it to drop the video quality. 

5) Test the front camera with the standard video recording. If the recorded video through the front camera is blurry, then there is a problem with the mobile lens. 

Perhaps the lens is not aligned properly or may have trouble capturing the picture. A defective camera lens would produce blurry images and video.

Why is the front camera blurry on the Whatsapp video call?

There are many reasons why you face the blurry video call on Whatsapp. Follow this guideline to identify the cause of the issue and fix them with the given solution.

Fixing the blurry video problem with the data usage setting:

The data usage may cause the video call on Whatsapp to produce blurry images. Reducing the data usage will instruct the device to use the wifi connectivity at maximum capacity to produce high-quality images.

  • Run WhatsApp messenger.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Find the Data and Storage usage.
  • Enable low data usage.

Connecting to the Wifi while on the video call:

  • Go to the phone settings > Connection > Data Usage > Disable mobile data > Go back > Wifi > Enable Wifi.
  • Wait for few minutes until the device connects to the local wifi network. When it asks for the password, please input the correct password.
  • Rerun the WhatsApp and test the video call with the Wifi network connection is enabled.

Whatsapp required a high-speed internet connection to produce high-quality video images. Failing to provide sufficient bandwidth will reduce the quality of the video. You will not be able to get clear video images while on the video call. 

If you face a similar problem with the wifi connection, test your wifi connection speed on the internet using the net speed tester website. 

Any issue detected with the wifi should be addressed instantly. Contact your broadband service provider and ask them to fix the low-speed internet connectivity. 

Sometimes the problem is caused by the hardware and not the software. There is a possibility that the router is not working properly or some other device, causing it to reduce the efficiency of the network.

Fixing the router problem will increase the network performance. The problem with the bandwidth will disappear. You will never have a similar situation again.

Is WhatsApp video call blurry will disappear on the 5G network?

On the mobile network, use the high-speed 4G and 5G network connection. The device will perform perfectly fine over the high-speed data network. The sufficient bandwidth will make the video quality good. 

Also, you will comfortably complete the video call without needing to worry about the video quality. 

It would help if you tried every possible solution before you move the hardware problem. In most of the case, the network problem is depleting the quality. Fixing the network problem solves the Whatsapp blurry video problem.






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