Why get noise when WhatsApp video call?

The issue is with the network calls.

Why get noise when WhatsApp video call? Changing the default setting to allow the WhatsApp video call using the network with full permission would solve this issue. Go to the Setting > WhatsApp app > Provide all the necessary permission to WhatsApp. Next, remove the limit from the data usage.

Why get noise when WhatsApp video call?

What is the cause of the background noise during the WhatsApp Video Call?

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There are several reasons why your Whatsapp video call may react weirdly. The most common reason is network permission. The default setting on your phone may restrict the data used when connected to the cellular network.

Due to limited bandwidth from the cellular network, the video call takes time to send and receive information.

The frequency of the data exchange would be limited. Hence, during the call, the sound you hear is the noise generated from the delay that occurred while receiving the information from the other network.

Granting full permission to the Whatsapp app is the first step. Next, shift to the wifi connection to increase the speed of the network.

You will notice a big difference in the voice quality when you turn to the high-speed Wifi connection. The Wifi connectivity is more stable compared to the mobile network.

It exchanges the information very quickly and processes the data at a high-speed rate.

Another reason the WhatsApp video call trouble you is when the device hardware is failed. If the speakerphone or any hardware is not working, the sound produces through the microphone would behave weirdly.

The hardware problem cannot be fixed using the mobile setting. It would require the replacement of the hardware to meet the necessary service. Reach to the nearest service centre and get the problem fixed.

Why getting screeching noise on WhatsApp Video Call?

The problem could be related to the network problem. Many users have reported that when the battery is low, they start receiving the video call with screeching background noise. The cause of the noise could be the network issue.

When the device cannot run the essential features on the network due to limitation of the power or the network bandwidth, the data exchange on the video call gets reduce by more than 50%. The delay in the information exchange on the network may cause the device to slow down.

The screeching noise is the reason for the slow data processing. The data received from the other person is getting eco while using the video call, and the voice may sound weird to the listener.

The quick solution is to connect to the high-speed internet network to offer maximum bandwidth for the video call.

As soon as your device has a sufficient network to exchange the data, it starts working fine. You will experience the video call working fine after you provide the required bandwidth.

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What are the ways to improve the WhatsApp voice and video calls?

You can follow simple steps to improve the performance of your device and make the WhatsApp voice and video call more seamless.

01. Switch to Wi-Fi

Video calling requires high-speed internet connectivity to exchange data. Videos are made of a large number of data files.
When these files are exchanged on the server, they are sent back and forth between the two devices to create a visual appearance.

The sender sends his visual through the camera phone to the other calling device, and similar happens to the vice versa.

Without having sufficient bandwidth to the network, it won’t be easy to process the data over the network.

As a consequence, the video call will produce an error while on the call. It generally affects the audio file as they are very high in the bandwidth.

You may have experienced a similar audio problem when you try to connect over the landline phone.

Landline phone generally has latency over the audio exchange. Sometimes the pictures are visible early, and the audio takes time to reach the destination. A similar problem occurs when you use the WhatsApp video call.

Connect to the Wifi instead of using the mobile data. The quality of the impaired video will be boosted. The voice issue will also get solved with the help of high bandwidth internet connectivity.

02. Remove Data Usage Limit

The default setting over the app usage is limited when it comes to using mobile data. It is set to avoid over-usage of the network data.

You may have encountered the message appearing on your mobile screen indicating the low data usage. The WhatsApp video and audio call need more bandwidth to perform well.

Change the data usage setting to max use. When the limit is overridden, the phone will not use the maximum bandwidth allocated by the mobile network during the WhatsApp video or audio call.

When sufficient data is allocated for the video call, it produces a seamless experience for the user.

Also, the app will use the data with high precision to avoid extra charges over your mobile data usage.

The video and audio quality over the video call will be boosted. You will be able to use the mobile network at the optimum level.

03. Terminate app running in the background

Some of the apps keep running in the background even you close them on the screen. This app uses the background process to stay up to date and notifies the users when specific changes occur.

The background process consumes a lot of processing power. Also, some of the apps use the network connection to download and upload the data to the server.

In this process, the network bandwidth is utilized, which limit the bandwidth for the other apps. As a result, the app will have poor performance due to not availability of the network and the processing power.

Closing these background process would give you more space to process the data and free up the bandwidth utilized by these applications.

Before beginning the call on WhatsApp, close these background apps and then connect to the video call. It will reduce the problem with the video call voice.

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