Why earphones not working on WhatsApp video call?

The error occurs when there is an issue with the WhatsApp app.

Why earphones not working on WhatsApp video call? WhatsApp might have a corrupt file in the backlog that causing the earphone to stop working. Removing files could solve the problem. Also, reset the app to the default mode to change the settings. 

Why earphones not working on WhatsApp video call?

How to deal with the earphones not working while on WhatsApp video call? 

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 The earphones not working on the WhatsApp video call is an unusual problem that many users have encounter while on the call. There are several reasons why Whatsapp may not connect to the earphone and deliver the voice.

 These issues might be the reason for the app function error or the firmware. The error can also emerge when there is a serious hardware related problem in your phone.

 The app related problem is possible to solve using the simple update and deleting the unwanted files. 

The WhatsApp troubleshooting process will help you fix the file error and reset the entire app with the new supporting files.

 On the other hand, if the firmware causes the problem, there will be completely different procedures.

The firmware directly affects the important settings of the app and reduces the performance. 

As a result, some of the features are disabled due to active firmware, and you will not be able to fix them with the default settings.

In the case of a hardware problem, the device needs replacement of hardware. The hardware may get damaged due to various reasons. 

In most cases, the hardware is damaged when your phone falls or bumps into the hard surface.

The impact can cause the phone to damage the internal component. If that is the case, then there is a possibility that the phone might have damage hardware that is responsible for the microphones.

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What are the solutions to fix the earphones not working on the WhatsApp video call problem?

The following solutions will enable to you fix the WhatsApp earphone not working problem. Apply them one by one and see if you can restore the device to the normal condition.

 1) Reboot the device:

 Firstly, apply the reboot to your device. Generally, the glitch in the application can be resolved using the reboot process. 

As soon as you restart the device, the operating systems check for the default settings. Any application that is not following the guidelines will be removed.

The firmware or viruses are detected during the reboot and require action is taken by the internal antispyware software use by the operating system. 

In most of the case, the reboot solves the common app issues. You will be able to use the WhatsApp app back again in normal condition.

 2) Check the App permission:

 Sometimes global setting to disable unwanted features could block the microphone. 

Check for the WhatsApp app permission to ensure that the microphone is enabled and other important features that require running the video calls smoothly are granted.

 Follow this step to confirm the app permission.

 1) Go to the settings and reach the app.

 2) Click the WhatsApp app.

 3) Tap on the app to open the additional settings.

 4) You will see the permission setting on the page. Ensure that everything is enabled. Any setting that is disabled should be changed.

 5) Make a necessary change to the app and restart the app again. If required, restart the phone to apply the setting to the app.

 After the phone is rebooting, check if the problem with the microphone is resolved.

 3) Testing earphone:

 Connect the microphone to another device and test whether it is working fine. Or you can check with the voice recorder. The voice recorder application will allow you to record your voice and playback it later.

Connect your microphone record a few minutes of video. Please save the file on your phone and play it.

 Again to check whether the phone can capture the voice from the Mic attached to the microphone.

If the Mic is not working, there will be no voice, and a black audio file will be saved. You will not hear anything. 

You have to replace the microphones with the new ones if you want to use them during the video call on WhatsApp.

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Why my earphone is not working while on the Whatsapp video call?

 The problem arises when the phone has not given sufficient permission to the WhatsApp app. Before you jump to any other solutions, go to the settings and tap on the app. Check all the permissions.

 If any of them are disabled, activate them and restart your phone. Whatsapp application needs the required permission to run smoothly. Disabling the necessary permission could result in an error.

 The reboot process reset the settings and updates the application for better performance. Any problem with the app is identified and fixed during the reboot.

 Now open the Whatsapp again and test run the microphone to see if the same problem occurs again. 

In most cases, the problem will be resolved, and your phone will start working as usual.

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 Another reason could be the hardware problem. Test your microphone on other devices. If there is a problem with the hardware, you will not be able to listen to the audio.

Use the voice recording application available on the phone to test the Mic. The Mic is a susceptible part of the microphone.

Any damage to the Mic could result in the complete shutdown of the microphone. If the Mic is not working, then the only solution is to replace the microphone. You may have to purchase a new phone.


It will be an annoying situation to experience the audio problem on the microphone when you have an important video call to attend. 

Resetting the app setting generally solves the problem. The earphone may start working as expected.

WhatsApp fixes the common issues in your app when it releases the new update. Also, reset the settings to grant the required permission to the app.

If the phone has restricted some of the essential features, WhatsApp will show the message on the screen to permit the app.

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