Why does WhatsApp video call overheating phone?

WhatsApp video call is directly processing data through the RAM and processor of your Smartphone.

Why does WhatsApp video call overheating phone? If your Smartphone doesn’t have enough RAM or a High processor, then your mobile will start heating up. If you connect through the mobile data, it would be a completely different matter altogether.

WhatsApp video call overheating phone

Some of the apps need more power to process the background script.

As a result, the Smartphone’s memory and processor are put at high voltage power, contributing to the phone’s heating up.

If you use the app for an extended period, the phone will continue heating up until the background process reaches its peak point.

 Heating problem is generally seen when you are playing video games or consuming video content on the phone.

This type of content requires a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, graphic support, more memories, and a large amount of data processing capability.

When each of these elements combined, they contribute to the high consumption of power.

What contributes to the overheating problem during the WhatsApp video call?

 WhatsApp video call requires more power consumption to run the essential functions. Videos are high graphic content that uses integrated graphic software to produce high-quality video images.

When you are on the WhatsApp video call, the video content rendering process uses high-speed internet connectivity to receive and send the data back and forward.

 As you spend more time on the Video call, the batteries are used at their peak performance to offer seamless service.

The high power consumption in the short period contributes to the increase in the internal heat.

 Another reason for the heating problem is the exterior environment condition. In some location, the weather condition becomes hostile. In the boiling temperature, the interior of the smartphone gains the temperature during the day.

As a result, the phone runs in a high-temperature environment.

 When you try to use the video call service, the increased heat contributes to increased phone temperature.

You will experience the hot area on the back of the phone near the batteries.

 Some phone controls the overheating problem by closing the device features running in the background. When your phone is overheating, the phone may start producing errors.

Average temperature

 In some cases, the essential apps will not perform as expected. You will experience some of the features, and the performance of the app is limited.

You are not able to access the app until the phone reaches its average temperature. Screen brightness is automatically adjusted to the lowest level to reduce the stress over the battery.

The speed of the app would be reduced, and the background process would be stopped.

 You will be able to use only emergency services until the device cools down. You should turn off the phone for a while until the phone cools down.

Let the phone reach the normal operating condition to avoid any damage to the hardware. Once the phone is cool down, you can power on the device and use it again.

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How to stop your phone from overheating during the WhatsApp video call?

 The WhatsApp video call requires more processing power to run the essential features. When you are on the video call, disconnect all the background process and app. Provide more processing power to WhatsApp during the call to reduce the stress on the memory and graphic card.

 The app’s power consumption would be controlled when you have stopped all the apps and background process.

The data process will be smooth, and the powers from the battery will flow easily. When there is no excessive use of the hardware, the phone will run at the average temperature.

How to stop your phone from overheating during the WhatsApp video call?

Follow the guide to reduce the overheating problem of your phone.

 1) Close the background applications before the video call.

 2) Charge the phone at maximum capacity to provide sufficient power to the video applications.

 3) Do not use the phone for gaming before the video call.

 4) Check the hardware performance to ensure the hardware is not damaged.

 5) Check the battery health. Over time battery health decreases, and it becomes less effective.

 6) Put the Wi-Fi and processor at the optimum level. Do not limit the data uses during the video call.

 7) Keep the phone from the sunlight. If your phone is placed in the area where it receives direct sunlight, the phone will heat up.

 8) Remove the phone case during the video call. Sometimes the heat trapped in the case contributes to the overheating problem.

Especially in the summer days, when the temperature is high, the heated air makes the phone heat up quickly.

 9) Delete the app which is not in use. Remove the unnecessary app and background process.

 10) Try the factory setting to reset all the setting to the default mode.

Sometimes the change in the primary setting would increase the background process, and you will not be able to run the important app on your device.

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Why WhatsApp video calls overheat the phone?

 There are several reasons why the video call generally heats the phone. The most common reason for the overheating problem is the high usage of the applications. When your app in the background is running the process, it will contribute the high battery usage.

As a result, more power would be needed to run the process.

 WhatsApp video call needs more background process to generate high definition videos. The video content uses storage, memory, graphic card, which requires more power to process the video content.

When the phone is used for the video content, it fetches more internet data as well. Overall the essential functions are used to run the video content, making the phone generate more heat.

Final Verdicts: 

 The phone heating problem could be mitigated by applying the above suggestions. Check for the battery life before taking any action on other processes.

If the battery performance has compromised, it may contribute to the overheating problem. Replacing the old battery would solve the problem.

 The overheating is directly connected to power consumption. Any device that process more power to run certain apps would be heated during the process.

The electric supply has the natural function to heat the exterior when the power is transfer from point A to Point B. When you cut the power transfer, the phone will never experience a heating problem.

 Also, look for the background process as, most of the time, they are the culprit of the overheating problem.

As soon as you disable all the background process, the phone will run smoothly, and you will never experience the same problem again.

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