Why does the music stop when I open WhatsApp?

The first thing that you need to do is to restart the phone. It clears cache and error files from the system. The phone will rebuild the background process.

Why does the music stop when I open WhatsApp? First, check for the software update if new WhatsApp updates are available. Then, download and install it before you start using the Music App.

Why does the music stop when I open WhatsApp?

Why Apple Music stops when opening WhatsApp on iPhone?

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 The error occurs when Whatsapp starts using the microphone. In the default setting, Whatsapp uses the Microphone to attend the calls.

 When you access Whatsapp, the application takes over the microphone settings and disables any other background process using the microphone.

It is a bug in the WhatsApp application and cannot be fixed with the setting change.

The only way to fix this problem is to update the software to the new version. Check if Whatsapp has a new update available.

Generally, WhatsApp identifies such issues in the application and updates the application with quick fixes.

It is a common issue experienced by many users. The new update would have the cure for the bug.

 If there is no update on the Whatsapp app, then reboot the phone. The reboot process would delete any background cache and cookies.

If WhatsApp having a problem with the old cache files after the reboot is complete, the problem may disappear.

How can I stop the Music app from pausing when I open another app?

 The operating system is designed to run one app at a time. It does this to save memory usage and offer the user require speed when accessing the particular app. If both apps run simultaneously, it will add strain on the memory.

 Consequently, the phone will slow down, and the users will have a terrible experience while operating the phone due to the slow process.

To avoid that kind trouble, the operating system gives utmost importance to the active app and put all the background process on hold.

 When you shift from one app to another, the app open before will be put on the temporary freeze. As you come back to the early app, the phone will again start supporting its functions.

 You may have noticed that when you move from the Youtube app to another app while watching the video, the youtube app immediately stops the video, and you will not be able to listen to the video’s sound.

The Youtube app will pause the video until you return to the app and hit the play button.

 A similar process is applied to the Whatsapp app and music app. At the same time, you are listening to music when you move to the Whatsapp app.

The music app is stopped while you are using Whatsapp.

 The operating system gives preference to the Whatsapp process. Whatsapp also has video calling and audio calling features, which require the microphone.

 As soon as you move from the music app to the WhatsApp app, the application takes control over all the essential functions to keep the application ready for the audio and video call.

 It does this to enhance your experience and offer the required speed to the users.

So when you try to call someone using the Whatsapp calling features, the background process would not take much time to run the application.

You will be able to connect with the other person instantly.

How to solve the music stop matter when opening WhatsApp?

If you are using an iPhone, you have indeed turned ON the auto-play message. You should turn OFF the auto-play message option in the setting area.

And also, you need to turn OFF the “raise to listen” option on your iPhone.

Click the setting tab, and open the message option. Then disable the “raise to listen” option under the audio message section.

How to listen the music apps without pause while using WhatsApp?

The one way to stop Whatsapp from pausing the music app is to update it with the latest version. The new version of the Whatsapp app comes with predefined settings that allow the users to run the music app in exceptional mode.

 Whatsapp would not pause the music, and you will be able to listen to your favourite music without any trouble while chatting with your friends.

 However, you should note that when you activate the video call or audio call feature, the phone automatically pauses the other audio application such as the music app to prevent the sound from interrupting during the Whatsapp call.

 Also, check for the app setting options if you find any unusual settings applied to the app that may cause the issue.

Every app has a separate setting to manage the sound.

If it allows auto tuning in the background process, then enable the feature to keep the app running in the background, even when accessing other phone applications.

Why do songs stop playing if I access Whatsapp?

 It is a common problem that many users have reported on the online forums and customer support system. The applications are automatically paused or killed in the background process to free up space for other active applications.

 The operating system does this to give a seamless experience to the user while simultaneously accessing multiple applications.

 The app put in the background is not in use, so it should not be consuming the memory.

If all the background applications start using the memory, it would add extra load to the memory, and your phone will slow down.

 In the worst case, the phone will get freeze for a while until the memory blocks are clear. You may have to restart the phone to close all the applications forcefully.

 You may have experienced a similar problem with your computer system. When your computer freezes, it signifies too many background processes putting pressure on the memory.

 Furthermore, the batteries are kept in the optimized mode kills any background process which is not in use.

Please change the setting to optimum use for the batteries, and they try using the music app again.

 Generally, the battery optimization mode automatically decides to stop the specific application kept in the users’ background.

 When you change the setting, the operating system will keep running the maximum capacity’s background process. This may lead to more memory consumption and battery usage.

 You can make custom changes to the memory and battery usage to allow your favourite app to consume unlimited resources without any restriction. This would solve your problem.

 Go to setting and check your music application settings. Apply the required changes, and you will be to listen to the songs without breaking the connection.

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