Why are Bluetooth headphones not working with WhatsApp?

Whatsapp has changed the Audio format recently. It no longer supports the Mainstreet audio format anymore. Whatsapp uses Opus for its audio service, which sometimes causes trouble with the connectivity as most of the Bluetooth headphones are design to work on popular audio file systems.

Why are Bluetooth headphones not working with Whatsapp?

What is Opus, and how is it run on Whatsapp?

The Opus is the new audio file format used for the audio streaming on the Whatsapp device. The file comes with the extension .opus audio message. Some devices would require the opus supported software to play the audio file, which becomes an inconvenience for many users.

Many Bluetooth devices support common files’ playback, ranging from the mp3, WMA, ape, FLAC, aac, and others.

Bluetooth devices that are not compatible with running the .opus audio file format would find it difficult to read the file that causes no sound in the Bluetooth device.

The only solution to play the audio on WhatsApp is to buy a brand new Bluetooth device that supports the .opus audio file format.

Check the specification of the Bluetooth device to confirm whether the device supports the opus audio file format.

What is the reason for Bluetooth headphones are not working on Whatsapp?

1) Compatibility issues:

Check for the device-supported audio format. In most cases, the Bluetooth device that does not support the audio files of Whatsapp produces the problem.

You should have the right type of Bluetooth device that makes the connectivity easy.

Also, read the Bluetooth-supported audio files’ specification to see if the Bluetooth device supports the Opus audio file system.

2) Connectivity Issues:

In many cases, the Bluetooth connectivity between two devices is low, which causes the problem during the audio streaming.

Check with the other device or computer to know whether it is a connectivity issue.

If the headphone works fine on the other computer, your exiting computer might have Bluetooth connectivity issues.

You may have to repair the Bluetooth hardware with the new upgraded one to use Whatsapp.

3) Correction in the Settings:

You may have to change the settings of the audio file with the supported format. Go to the setting and see what audio file is set.

Ensure that you have selected the Bluetooth-supported audio file. Also, check the mute option and another common setting in the audio.

Some the default setting gets replace with the custom one and generates issue with the device.

4) Damage Bluetooth Device:

It could be why the Bluetooth device you own is damaged and not it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

Before you reach any conclusion and try to change the default settings on the Whatsapp audio files, connect the device using a different computer and see if it works properly.

It shows an error; then it indicates the Bluetooth device is damaged, and you may have to buy a new pair of headphones.

5) Connected to the other device:

Check if your device is connected to another Bluetooth-enabled device or the computer. The Bluetooth headphone would restrict the new connectivity as it is already connected to some other device.

You cannot pair the two devices if the headphone does not have the facility to connect multiple devices at the same time.

Confirm that your device is not paired with another device. If you find any other device in the list, remove it and pair the required device again.

6) New OS:

The new OS could be the reason why your device is not getting connected to the Bluetooth headphone.

The headphone might be running on the old software that supports the older version of the android device.

When the new release is published, the old Bluetooth device will not get the latest version updated, causing it a problem with the audio support.

OS upgrades also come with many security updates that may restrict the device from enabling the common file system and produce the audio sound.

You may have to check what is a new update in the OS is all about. See what kind of audio file is supported by the new OS.

If your headphone allows you to update the exiting software to the latest version, run the upgrade to meet the Bluetooth headphones’ latest requirement.

7) Disable and connect again:

Sometimes the network glitch can cause the Bluetooth device to restrict the communication between the two devices.

It is a widespread problem that people deal with the new Bluetooth device when connected to the old operating system.

Disabling the old connection and again connecting it with the new one could resolve the issue.

You can check if both the device is working fine. If you experience trouble connecting the device to Bluetooth, then it is advisable to restart the device again.

The software problem that causing the connectivity issue would be resolved.

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Final Verdict:

Bluetooth headphones which are old and not compatible with the latest operating system could create error while using the device.

The audio file problem could be the hardware issue that restricts the new device from getting sync during use.

You may have to try different devices to check if the issue is with hardware or software.

The software issue can be solved with the upgrade. For hardware issues, you may have to upgrade the current Bluetooth hardware to the new version to enable the device to work smoothly.

Follow the above instruction and see if the audio file problem is with the exiting headphone.

It would take some try and error to fix the problem, but you may conclude setting the device to the right mode.

Resetting the device to the default setting could solve the problem if there is a software issue. Bluetooth headphones come in different ranges and types.

Some might need more settings before it works smoothly on a new device. Make the required setting, see what can be done to fix the issues.

Check the exiting setting and use it for the clean voice and audio support to run perfectly on your device.

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