Why is WhatsApp web not working when the phone is locked?

WhatsApp web connects to your mobile WhatsApp to sync messages. If your mobile WhatsApp stops after your phone lock, then your WhatsApp web is also disconnected. Make sure your WhatsApp application does not go to sleep mode after your Smartphone is locked.

If you set up “saving battery energy” mode ON, you must turn off that feature to keep WhatsApp web ON.

Not only that is the reason behind the disconnect of WhatsApp web application while phone locked. There may be other reasons as well you may need to check.

WhatsApp web not working when the phone is locked

This is a common problem, and mostly, it happens to android users. And it happens to IOS device users as well.

There are a few things you need to verify your mobile phone before you start WhatsApp chatting with others. Make sure all the below mentioned things are done before you connect the desktop or laptop WhatsApp web version.

What are the essential things you need to know before you connect to WhatsApp Web?

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When you cannot connect to your WhatsApp web or always application gets disconnected, you should check below each step to solve this problem.

01. First, restart your android / iOS Smartphone.

02. Check the mobile phone battery status. If you have a low battery, don’t forget to charge your mobile before connecting to the web version. You can use your data cable and plug it into your desktop or laptop via a USB port.

03. Make sure your mobile phone has installed the latest version of the WhatsApp application, and it is up to date.

If it is outdated, you must install the latest WhatsApp app on your mobile through the Google Playstore. If you are an iPhone user, then you must go to the iPhone app store area.

04. If you have the latest version of the WhatsApp application, now go to the setting icon on your phone and click it. After that, click the Network and internet option field and Turn On airplane mode, and Off it.

05. Again, open the Network and internet option filed and tap the data usage tab. Turn mobile data ON there.

06. Now, back to the setting icon and click the app and notification option field. Then select WhatsApp / data usage and turn background Data is ON.

07. Again, back to the setting gear icon and tap the Network and internet and select the wifi. Turn your wifi off and Turn it ON to refresh your wifi connections.

08. Go to your Smartphone power management section and make sure you are not selected stamina battery mode or any other battery saving mode.

If you turn ON the battery saving feature, then you cannot keep your WhatsApp continue. Because once your screen is locked, your mobile apps go to sleep mode, and it cannot access the internet data.

What is the minimum android version you need to install the WhatsApp app to avoid disconnect?

If you are using Android 4.0.3 or a higher version, then you might not worry about installing WhatsApp mobile application to your Smartphone. If you use low versions, this is time to move to the latest Android phone.

Because the WhatsApp team already stopped a lot of features and support to old mobiles. So, if you do not change your mobile phone, you may lose your valuable documents and chats soon, and you will not be able to use and access their new features.

Is WhatsApp working for iOS 8?

Is WhatsApp working for iOS 8 without disconnect?

If you are using an iOS 8 or lower version device, your WhatsApp may not work longer. Whatsapp team stops its services and supports service to iOS 8 and below version.

So you should upgrade your iOS version on your iPhone and other iDevices. iOS 9 and higher versions are working smoothly with the WhatsApp application.

Which iPhones models will WhatsApp stop working on?

If you are using iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S, all models that were released before iOS 9 will no longer work with WhatsApp.

The reason is these models are not compatible with the iOS 9 update. If you are lucky to upgrade to iOS 9, then you can use the application without any restriction.

Which phones will not support WhatsApp from 2020?

There are a lot of phone models which is not suitable to use WhatsApp after their new update. The supporting team had already mentioned they are not going to provide any services to Nokia Lumia users.

Also, they removed their windows smartphone support from their system. So if you are using the window Nokia Lumia category phone, you cannot use the WhatsApp chat application after their new update.

Why is WhatsApp not working on public Wi-Fi?

There are many public places such as schools, universities, and companies where we cannot use WhatsApp on their wifi network because their wifi routers blocked it.

Some public places allow users to use chatting apps, but they have data limitations. If there router connected to a bunch of data users, then your internet may slow or lag.

How can I use WhatsApp Web when my phone is off?

No. you cannot use a web application if your mobile phone is switched off. WhatsApp web version always synced with a mobile phone application. Once your mobile app lost its connection with your desktop or laptop web version, you can no longer use the WhatsApp web application on that device.


Many people are using WhatsApp, and many are facing WhatsApp stopped working when the phone is locked. There are many solutions, and we have listed them in the above sections.

Always double-check each setting we mentioned before you reconnect your application to the internet or wifi data. If you are set up everything correctly, you will not face WhatsApp call disconnect when the screen is locked.

Keep your android and iOS operating system up to date, and don’t forget to install a new version of the app through a Google play store or iOS App Store.

If you are using google chrome web browser to connect to the WhatsApp web app, make sure your addons are not causing trouble to your WhatsApp application security.

Always keep remembering, WhatsApp web is not an independent application. It needs to keep connecting with your mobile app to continue running.

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