WhatsApp video call Bluetooth headset not working?

Bluetooth headset problems may occur when the OS is not supporting the Bluetooth device. Compatibility issue in both devices causes an error. Try to reinstall Whatsapp again and see if the latest version of the application solves the connectivity problem.

WhatsApp video call Bluetooth headset not working?

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with WhatsApp? 

Yes. Whatsapp supports the Bluetooth headphones while on the video call. The functionality of the Bluetooth headphone is similar to the wired headphone.

Connect the Bluetooth device with Bluetooth-enabled technology. When you activate the Bluetooth on the mobile phone, the device will start searching for the nearby Bluetooth device.

Select the name of your Bluetooth headphone and pair the device. Once the device is paired, it will start interacting with each other.

Next time when you receive the call, attend the call on your phone, and you will be able to speak to the other person with the help of an in-build microphone on your Bluetooth headphone.

Whatsapp calls function through the internet facility. High-speed internet is required for a clear voice.

Check the internet facility before you connect your device to Bluetooth for the voice call.


How do I turn on auto-answer on my Bluetooth headset?

The device requires modification of the default setting to attend the call when the Bluetooth headset is connected. Follow below step by step guide.

 1) Go to the settings

 2) Find the Bluetooth feature

 3) Click to open the section and turn on the Bluetooth

 4) Now, the Bluetooth will start detecting the nearby active Bluetooth device

 5) Select your device name to initiate the pairing

 6) Once the device is connected to your Bluetooth headset, check the audio by playing the music

 7) If the sound quality is good, the device is now connected

 When you receive the call, the Bluetooth headset will alert you with the calling ringtone. You can attend the phone with the Bluetooth headset.

Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting?

It would not be enjoyable to see Bluetooth continuously disconnecting when you have some important works to be done. The Bluetooth device is wirelessly connected to the mobile phone. It requires a sufficient power supply to run the vital function.

When your device has several background functions running simultaneously, it will consume more memory power.

The Bluetooth headset might not get sufficient memory power to send and receive the information, which leads to a disconnect between the two devices.

This kind of problem is prevalent in the mobile phone and can be solved with simple solutions. Here are quick fixes you can apply to your device to get the device to run smoothly.

 #1) Change Bluetooth power setting:

Bluetooth connectivity may fail when the device is limiting the power supply to the Bluetooth function.

If your phone is running at the low battery mode, then charge your phone before applying any given solutions.

The low battery power state limits the processing power of the essential functions causing the device to disconnect external devices to save power.

Change the power setting to offer maximum support to the Bluetooth device.

 #2) Reboot the Bluetooth device:

Restart the mobile and the Bluetooth device to flush the cache files and temporary files from your system. The corrupt file may cause the device to stop working.

If you are using WhatsApp on the desktop computer, then restart your computer.

Check if the Bluetooth can detect the device. There are possibilities that some other application has invoked the default Bluetooth setting.

You may have to reset it to the default settings to make it work properly.

 #3) Repair Bluetooth hardware:

After implementing all given solutions, if the Bluetooth is still not working, there is possible hardware damage.

Reach to the mobile repair store and get the Bluetooth hardware repair. The hardware problem cannot be solved with the software settings.

How do I enable Bluetooth on WhatsApp?

The Bluetooth connectivity will facilitate you to attend the call on the wireless device without needing to access the phone.

The Bluetooth headset comes with auto-answer features that activate the call automatically.

Follow this step-by-step guide to enable Bluetooth on Whatsapp.

 1) Go to the phone settings

 2) Clicks to the Sound & Vibration option

 3) Next, select the earphone mode

 4) Choose a smart answer for Bluetooth

 5) Enable it

Once the Bluetooth is enabled on your device, it will automatically start answering the call on your headset.

When the Bluetooth is not connected to any headset, the call will be answered through the standard calling feature through the phone speakers.

Bluetooth pairing to the headset needs sufficient power. So both the device are powered separately.

Before you connect the device, ensure that your phone and the Bluetooth headset have sufficient charge.

The low battery charge may cause the device to reduce the voice quality. You will experience a problem with the connectivity.

The internet will lose the connection between the call, and the voice will not be smooth.

When you connect the Bluetooth headset to the mobile phone, you will see the charge left in the Bluetooth headset. The power should be more than 20% to run the device smoothly.

Is WhatsApp Bluetooth call drain your battery?

WhatsApp video calling required high processing power. Sufficient memories are needed to run the function smoothly. If you are connecting the Bluetooth headset, then ensure that the device has enough power and free memory to activate the video call.

Close all the unwanted background processes before the call to free memory on your device.

Bluetooth headset comes with different settings and functions. Before you connect the device for the video calling, read the manual to find the features available on the Bluetooth headsets.

There might be some features that need to be enabled when you go on the video call. Without activating these features, you will not be able to hear the voice call.

Generally, the Bluetooth setting is related to the device and headphones, and there is no role in the Whatsapp application.

So always diagnose the device setting and the headset settings when the problem occurs on your device.

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