WhatsApp latest update – WhatsApp lock with Face ID and touch ID

If you are proud iPhone owner, now you can lock your WhatsApp by using its biometric security system. If you have the latest iPhone X or iPhone X-R, you can have the Face ID option to protect your WhatsApp data. The Later iPhone could use Touch ID option to lock and unlock the WhatsApp application.

Is Face ID or touch ID faster? iPhone faced ID works faster than touch ID. But sometimes, Face ID can not Recognize your identity. In that time, you will have to use touch ID. It rarely happens to iPhone users. If you concern about your security, we highly recommend using touch ID.

These options would not secure by the chat basics. It locks your application so that no one could check your chats. When we give our phone to someone, the biggest fear is that they could go through our chat list.

Now you don’t have to worry about it. With this latest update from the iOS developers, your chats are safe from outsiders.

WhatsApp lock with Face ID and touch ID

Be aware!

Even though this locks your WhatsApp application, still there are other methods your messages can be seen. You have to control your notification settings. If you had “message preview” setting enabled, still you can view the message and reply to them.

You no need to unlock the WhatsApp apk. Also, you and anyone who is using the phone could answer WhatsApp Calls. So it recommended disabling “message preview” if you are going to use these biometric options.

WhatsApp Face Id requirement

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You should have the latest iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Only those phones allow using facial recognition biometric system in their phones. Should have the latest WhatsApp version. You can download the latest GB WhatsApp for iPhone from here.


How to setup Face on your iPhone/ iPad?

Face ID can use in the latest iPhone and iPad.  iPhone X and later, iPad Pro 11-inch/ iPad Pro 12.9 inch(3rd generation) have the Face Id option.

  • First, go to the setting page
  • Select “Face Id and Passcode” from the menu list
  • Enter passcode characters.
  • Scroll down, and select “setup face Id.”
  • If you have already set up a Face Id, you can select the reset button to have a new one
  • To set up the Face Id, you have to adjust your face within the frame. Next, slowly move your face around the frame in a circle. No, it can get an area map of your face. You have to do this twice.
how to enable whatsapp face ID

Sometimes certain angels don’t work in Face Id detecting option. Don’t get panic. Don’t try to reposition the phone and try again.

Just enter your passcode again. Then the iPhone will automatically learn about different angles of your face.

Sometimes we look cool with a beard. You want to grow your beard, or you want to have a clean shave. But the phone can’t recognize changes in your face.

If you had a clean shave, you have to enter passcode again and take a new picture. But if you are going to grow a beard, no need to retake a picture.

The phone can recognize you with a beard on your face. Gradually it could follow changes in your face.

how to unlock whatsapp face ID

How to unlock WhatsApp with iPhone Face Id

Face Id option now can use to unlock your WhatsApp.

  • Make sure you have enabled the settings.
  • Open WhatsApp
  • In the password entering field, you can see Face Id option
  • Place your face inside the picture frame.
  • Now it will automatically unlock the application.

WhatsApp Touch Id requirement

Any iPhone version above 5s could use WhatsApp Touch Id option. The iOS version has to be 9.0 and above.

Enable WhatsApp Touch Id Face Id

To enable this feature you have to go to the settings ->account ->privacy ->screen lock.

From there you have to turn on the option you want. Also, you can select when these options to be activated immediately or after a while.

whatsapp face id requirement

This important update was released in the WhatsApp version 2.19.20. You can download it from our download section. It has been anticipated since last October.

This uses the native biometric security systems on your mobile phone.

But still, this update doesn’t add any extra security options to your individual conversations. The latest update is still available in iOS. You can download iOS WhatsApp APK from here.

This new WhatsApp features got similar options the same as Outlook or Signal applications offering. These apps have been offering biometric options for several months.

This newly developed WhatsApp version may be used as a payment method in the near future. The payment option has been testing since last year.

At the moment Google play supports UPI based transactions in the market. Also, they would support this Face Id and touch Id based payment system.


Can I use WhatsApp Face Id in my Android Phone?

No, you can’t. WhatsApp developers still haven’t developed an Android WhatsApp Face Id option.

Can I use WhatsApp Touch Id in my Android phone?

You can’t use WhatsApp Touch Id in your WhatsApp Android version.

I don’t have the latest iPhone x, iPhone XR, iPhone XS

If you don’t have the latest versions of iPhone with you, you can’t use facial recognition biometrics option with WhatsApp.

Can I lock individual chat with this?

No, you can’t lock individual chat with this. You can lock only your WhatsApp application.

Do I need to disable “message preview”?

If you never disable message preview option, still you can view the message on your home screen. If you want your WhatsApp messages fully secured, you have to disable message preview option.

I have an older iPhone, can I use this?

If you have an older iPhone version, you can use Touch Id option to lock WhatsApp.

I don’t have the latest WhatsApp version

You can download the latest WhatsApp from our blog.

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