What is the benefit of WhatsApp dark mode?

Dark mode reduces the strain on your eyes which generally cause due to the bright white light effect. Also, the dark mode reduces battery consumption. Emission of the harmful blue lights will be decreased.

Is Dark mode good for eyes?

Many research and user’s observation report shows that the dark mode has significant benefits to the eye. 

One of the reasons people prefer dark mode over the default light setting is preventing the blue light emission from the phone. 

Most of the blue light emitted from the phone is harmful to the eye. The dark mode reduces the blue lights and prevents serious effects on the health of the users. 

Additionally, the dark mode enables the readers to spend more time reading the book on a device than the bright light. It reduces the strain on the eye and makes it comfortable for the readers.

The users’ overall measurement and experience clearly show that the dark mode is helping people enjoy their WhatsApp time. 

If you use WhatsApp for the business, your productivity will increase as your eyes will not hurt. 

Dark mode helps people to prevent some of the eye-related symptoms and protect the eye from damage.

  • People who are frequently using the phone may feel dry eye problems.
  • Eye strain and pain are the most common issues when you use the phone continuously in bright light mode.
  • Increase tension in your eyes, regular headache, or migraine.
  • Modern study shows that insomnia becomes common health problem in the people who use the phone frequently. 
  • If you are facing the bright light regularly, there are chances that you will develop a sleeping disorder. Your sleep time will reduce and eventually impact your overall health.
  • People gain visual disturbance when the bright light of the phone affects their eyes. You see the blur images and long-distance objects will be difficult to perceive.

Does WhatsApp dark mode save battery?

The dark mode is highly effective in saving the battery. Therefore, the android battery saver mode uses this feature when your battery starts draining faster and reaches the point where charging is needed.

When the phone is run on the default mode, your screen’s white pixels illuminate the brightness and give it’s a white color. 

Your phone requires more power to keep the pixels bright enough to make the graphic look seamless. 

As a result, your battery drains faster, and you will experience a fast battery draining problem. 

In contrast, the dark mode keeps the pixel at the minimum illumination where the battery power is consumed at the lowest level. 

When you compare default mode and the dark mode for the battery saving options, the dark mode wins the battle at a big difference. 

Enabling the dark mode on Whatsapp will allow you to use the battery efficiently and reserve the battery power while using WhatsApp. 

The recharging frequency will be significantly dropped when you use the dark mode. So it would help if you used the dark mode on Whatsapp to save energy. 

You can choose the frequency. You can turn on the dark mode for all day long use or choose the auto turn on and off based on the time. 

The dark mode will automatically get turned on at dusk, and you do not have to adjust the mode settings manually.

The dark mode is the most fantastic feature of the WhatsApp application.

What is WhatsApp dark mode ios 12 tweak?

The Whatsapp dark mode release is made available to some users only. There are possibilities that some of the users have not received the option to enable dark mode in their phones. 

WhatsApp releases its new features to few users under beta testing. Once the final release is confirmed, it is made available to the masses. 

Until then, you have to wait for the official release of the Dark mode theme.

Therefore, many iOS 12 users might claim that they cannot see the dark mode on their phones. 

Some impatient users have come up with the unique solution to get what they desire from the other way. 

The WhatsApp dark mode iOS 12 tweak is a jailbreak applied to the iOS 12 operating system that provides the doorway to install the dark mode to your phone. 

You will be able to access the dark mode even there is no official release for your device. 

Tweaking the phone system to support the latest WhatsApp dark mode would give instant access to the most anticipated feature of the year. 

However, before you start jailbreaking your iPhone, remember that the warranty on it will be void once the phone is jailbreak. 

If anything goes wrong during the jailbreak, your phone will not be repairable under warranty given by the company. 

So decide on a jailbreak of your phone at your own risk. Once the phone is jailbreak, you can install the Whatsapp dark mode downloaded from the web on your device. 

Using this method, you can access the dark mode features on your Whatsapp.

What are the disadvantages of a dark mode?

Dark mode has many benefits, but it is not perfect for improving your eyesight or reducing the strain. Most users claim that it is difficult to stare at the text when you have dark mode enabled. 

The eye frequently contrasts and expands while reading the text on the phone to adjust the brightness around the device. 

As a consequence, the eye will cause pain after using the phone with the dark mode enabled. 

Also, it is difficult to read the long text in the dark mode. 

If you read a PDF book on the dark mode and try to go back to the usual light condition, the eye would require some time to adjust to the brightness in the room. 

The images may look blur for a while and reduces the eyesight for few seconds. 

If you use specs regularly, there is a possibility that your eye will generate a droplet when it is a strain for long hours. 

So it is advisable to use the dark mode if your eye supports it and provides comfort. It is a great feature but not suitable for everyone.

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