The notification says incoming voice call when it’s really a message?

The issue is with the notification settings.

The notification says incoming voice call when it’s really a message? Go to the WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications. If the setting is disabled, then all the notifications will be displayed as the incoming voice call.

When the notification is enabled, you will start receiving the message as a notification.

How to solve the WhatsApp incoming message shows as incoming voice call?

Why does a WhatsApp message say incoming voice call?

There is a minor bug in the WhatsApp notification setting. The notification section considers all the inputs as the incoming call, even when dealing with the messages. The problem is not challenging, and you can easily change the setting and get the phone back to normal. Disabling the preview notification would solve the problem.

Follow this step-by-step guide to solve the Notification problem.

 01. Go to your phone settings > notifications > WhatsApp > Show previews > select always.

 02. When you have selected the never option in the WhatsApp notification settings, the notification received on your phone will be prompted as the “Incoming voice call.”

 03. In contrast, when the “Always” option is selected, the notification will appear as “Message.”

 04. In the next step, go to Whatsapp, visit the setting. You will find the setting option in the top right-hand side corner.

05. Click on the three vertical dots, and it will open the drop-down menu where you will find the settings option.

 06. Note that the Whatsapp default setting is reset when you update the app. So you have to set this setting manually whenever you complete the app update.

We hope you will fix this problem in the next WhatsApp update, and the issue will no longer exist on the phone.

The notification is an essential part of the messaging. We could not process important information without notification.

Text messages coming through as incoming calls?

Many people have identified the issue and posted their queries on the online discussion forums. The problem with the Whatsapp notification has related to the app and not the operating system. It is a bug that causing the notification to be presented with a different name.

The Whatsapp core function is not able to distinguish the voice message or the standard message. Hence, you are seeing the text message appearing as the incoming call in the notification bar.

When the Whatsapp default notification is set to the default mode, the message that you will receive on the phone would be prompted as the voice message.

To change the setting, you have to make manual changes to the notification setting. WhatsApp allows you to change the setting according to your need.

Go to the phone setting to change the default options to the custom selection. The notification bar would have the custom setting options.

Select the WhatsApp app in the settings, find the Show previews option. When you are on the WhatsApp setting page, select the always.

Once you enable the always in the setting, the phone will reset the default settings. Your phone will not have permission to show the correct notification in the notification bar when a new voice message appears.

The given solution solves the problem, and you will never face such an issue again.

Remember that the WhatsApp default setting is reactivated when you upgrade WhatsApp to the new version.

Ensure that you check the setting every time there is a new update and manually set the notification setting as per your need.

We hope that the WhatsApp developer will recognize the problem with the notification settings and soon release the patch to fix the application error.

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Why WhatsApp notification has a problem with the incoming voice calls message?

WhatsApp notification buggy can be in several aspects. Many users have complained about the problem with the Whatsapp notification. Generally, the problem is with compatibility issues.

Whatsapp has strict guidelines for their security rules.

If an application that merges with Whatsapp does not follow the guidelines prescribed by WhatsApp, the app will not entertain the third-party application.

The notification issue occurs when the phone has limited permission for the operation. The notification message is the secure information that displays on the top of your screen.

If the phone is in the wrong hand, the person would have access to the secure information causing damage to the user.

To avoid such a problem, Whatsapp disables the notification function to some of the phones, which doesn’t have a basic security layer to protect the data from leaking.

As a result, the phone would no longer support the WhatsApp notification.

If the notification is permanently disabled, then you cannot do anything to get it back. Wait for the new version update.

Before concluding anything, check the default settings.

If the show message option is disabled, activate it and give the full permission to the WhatsApp application to read and process the notification when it is received.

The Whatsapp will start showing the correct indication on the screen whenever there is a text message from someone. The mismatch happens when the phone has restrictions to WhatsApp.

How to solve the Whatsapp incoming message shows as incoming voice call?

Whatsapp notification is a vital part of the application, and it makes a big difference while using the phone. The notification would allow you to instantly check the important messages and avoid any messages that are not relevant.

The problem with the notification mainly occurs when there is misconfiguration with the application and the operating system.

The new operating system might have some new rules which may block the core functionality of the application.

As a result, the default settings of the App would no longer be effective. Ensure that the phone is updated to date and it supports the Whatsapp notification features.

You can also manually check the notification setting by going to the notification section. Check the disable options and ensure that the vital functions are enabled.

Go to the Setting options > Find the notifications > click on the Whatsapp > finally click on the show previews and then select always.

The given setting will fix the problem, and you will no longer have the same error again. Whenever you experience the same problem again, check the setting and notify the desired option. The notification problem will disappear once the setting is applied.

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