How to turn off autocorrect on WhatsApp web?

The Autocorrect setting is in the windows application.

How to turn off autocorrect on WhatsApp web? Go to the Windows logo located on the bottom left-hand side corner. Type the “Autocorrect” in the windows search. Click Autocorrect Misspelled words options shows in the search. Now turn off the “Autocorrect Misspelled words” option. 

How to turn off autocorrect on WhatsApp web?

How to turn on or off autocorrect on WhatsApp web?

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Turning the auto-correct option on the WhatsApp web is quite simple. The setting is not the part of WhatsApp but the part of the windows computer. When the auto-correct feature is turned on your windows computer, it will auto check the type words in all the application available on windows. 

For example, the autocorrect is active when you type anything in the word document. The purpose of the auto-correct feature is to allow you to type quickly and with the correct phrases. 

The autocorrect gives you the advantage to save more time while typing and increasing the typing speed. When the autocorrect is on, you do not have to worry about misspell words. 

The autocorrect will automatically highlight the words on the screen, which later you can review once you are done with the writing. 

Correct the highlighted words and proofread the typed sentence. Your ability to type correct words would increase. 

The autocorrect gives you the advantage to work speedily and complete your task without any errors in typing. 

Even if you make errors in the spellings, you get the easy process to correct your mistakes before finalizing the task.

To turn off the autocorrect in the WhatsApp web, follow the below steps. 

1) Go to the windows search. It is available in the bottom left corner. 

2) Type “autocorrect” in the search bar.

3) Now click the auto-correct misspell words options shows at the top of the search bar.

4) Once you click on the given option, it will open the new page.

5) On the new page, you will find the “Autocorrect misspell words” option turned on. 

6) Turned off the button, and you are done.

You have successfully turned off the autocorrect option on the windows computer. Now when you type the message on the Whatsapp web, the text will no longer have the auto-correct option. 

Make sure that you are proofreading the text twice before sending it to the person. 

Without auto-correct, it would be challenging to find the wrong spelling. No highlights will be there on the words.

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How to disable autocorrect on the iMac while using the Whatsapp web?

iMac user has to turn off the autocorrect in the keyboard settings. Follow the below guidelines to apply the setting and turn off the auto-correct on your Mac computer.

1) Click the Apple logo available on the top left corner. When you click, it will open the drop-down menu.

2) Next, click the system preference. It is given near the top of the drop-down menu.

3) Now select the Keyboard. It will take you to the keyboard settings. The new windows with all the available options will be opened.

4) Click to the Text. You will find this tab at the top of the menu bar near the keyboard tab.

5) On the right-hand side page. You will find the option “Correct spelling automatically”. 

The option indicates the auto-correction of the text. To disable the settings, uncheck the box next to it. 

Now your auto text correction feature is disabled on your Mac computer. 

Close the browser to apply the changes. When you re-access the WhatsApp web, you will no longer see the auto-correction on the typed text.

What is the solution to disable the predictive text correction on the WhatsApp web?

The solution to the predictive text correction is to disable the feature on your computer. The windows users can find the setting in the core function. 

The predictive text feature is designed to fix spelling mistake while typing. The feature is applied to all the app access to the window computer. 

When you use the WhatsApp web for communication, every time you type the text, it predicts the text based on the library installed on your system. 

The system checked for the proper spelling and indicated the users instantly. 

Autocorrect feature saves you from sending the wrong message, which may cause loss to your business or personal interest. 

It is recommended that you should keep the auto-correction feature turned on while using the PC. 

However, there is will situation when the predictive text may slow down your typing speed. Also, there is an incident where people have tried to type correct spelling. 

Because the library of the windows does not find such words in their dictionary, it automatically changes to a nearby reference which sometimes is completely wrong. 

Using the auto-correction blindly would get you in trouble. So never use the predictive text without double verification. Reading the text twice before sending it to the end-user is advisable.

Disable the auto-correct by visiting the windows auto misspell words setting. 

Turn off the setting, and the windows system will disable the feature in all the app that accesses the computer. 

Before you start using the WhatsApp web again, restart the computer to make the changes take place on the computer. 

How to turn off spell check on the Whatsapp web?

How to turn off spell check on the Whatsapp?

Go to the windows setting and find the auto misspell words feature. The feature allows you to auto-correct the typed words. When you are on the page, turn off the autocorrect and you are done with the changes. 

Now when you type any text on WhatsApp web, the device will not recognize the text. You will have to correct the spelling before sending the text manually. The autocorrect will be disabled for all the apps installed on your computer. 

You will be no longer able to use this feature. Whenever you want to use the auto-correct feature, turned it on and started using it. 

Autocorrect features gives you the advantage to automatically detect the misspelt words. 

You will never have a problem with the wrong text message sent to the end-user when auto-correct features are turned on. 

However, sometimes autocorrect may behave weirdly. It may cause the text to generate a wrong prediction. You should verify each sentence before sending it to the person.

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