How to chat using the WhatsApp Web application?

WhatsApp Web is the most popular messenger service in the world. Everyone loves it. Everyone wants to be a part of it. It has become a global sensation. 

WhatsApp has become the most popular media-sharing platform in the world. You can share whatever you want to share, whenever you want to share them. 

What is WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp web was created for laptops and desktops to replicate your Smartphone application to your PC browser. We can share images, documents, videos, and links through the PC. 

How to chat using the WhatsApp Web?

With a friendly, user-friendly interface, it is easy to use. With a single tap-in, we can take phone calls and video calls with anyone in the world.

We can create group conversations. We can hang out with our friends, family, and colleagues in different groups. 

Group conversations are an excellent way to keep in touch with each other. In this article, we are going to discuss WhatsApp online web feature.

What should you know about WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp is a web client application. Now we can use our PC’s web browser to send messages directly to other WhatsApp users.

This is a desktop version of the mobile WhatsApp application. All the activities you do in the web application will sync with the mobile device.

If you are a fast typist, you can enjoy this app to the maximum. It is easy to type from your desktop or Laptop other than the mobile device. But still, your mobile device has to be connected to the internet. 

Without connecting your mobile device to the internet, you can’t use this application. If you are looking for more details about the WhatsApp web in the Indonesian language, follow the linked page.

Limitations and privacy flow of WhatsApp web

This only works with Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Apple iOS devices. Also, the recommended browser is Google Chrome web browser

Also, you have to make sure the latest WhatsApp version is installed on your mobile device. There are some security flows you have to be aware of. 

A researcher has found that a bug in the application allows hackers to view the user’s profile. Also, when an image has been deleted, still they won’t get blurred. And sometimes, it is not correctly synchronized with the mobile device.

Both desktop and mobile devices have used data. They are supporting the forwarding of images and other media. Hence you could lose more data when using this. 

Also, even you have chrome on your iPad, and this web application can be used. Also, you have to request a desktop site on a tablet. (You can change setting from the Chrome setting page)

How to Download WhatsApp web?

There is no need to download the WhatsApp web app or installation from anywhere. You have to visit to use it. 

How to set up WhatsApp Web on your PC, Laptop and Tablet

You are now going to set up the application on your device.

How to start a chat using WhatsApp Web?

#Step One: 

First, you have to start your chrome browser. Only chrome browser supports this app. 

After opening the browser, on the URL tab, type As long as you use a Chrome browser, you can try on any platform. 

After you visit the site, a QR will appear on your screen on your device. There is no need to worry about a QR reader. 

#Step Two: 

Open WhatsApp on your mobile device. Go to the setting menu. Then select WhatsApp Web.

#Step Three: 

The QR reader on the application will open now. You have to point it at your PC device. 

Point it at to the screen to read the code. Next, you will be automatically logged in to the WhatsApp online web.

#Step Four: 

Both interfaces are familiar to each other. The mobile device and the PC version both have the same interface. You also have to disable desktop notifications. 

If you are using a shared PC, your privacy could be a problem. Go to the settings and disable WhatsApp desktop notifications.

How to start a chat using WhatsApp Web, enable desktop notifications and log out?

Unlike in the mobile device where you can click on the new messages, you have to search the recipient to start a new conversation. Also, it helps to filter messages easily. You have to search the recipient from the search option to start a conversation.

The interface will automatically match your mobile device’s interface when you have a conversation. The emotions, mic icons settings can be seen on either side of the bottom of the text entry area.

Same as the mobile device, you can view single, twin, and blue ticks. You can see a paper click icon at the top to attach files. Also, there are a few more options to view contact information. 

From them, you can see if a message has been sent, delivered, and read by the recipient.

How to scan the WhatsApp Web QR code?

If you want to manage all the devices you have logged on to, you can do it via the options menu. 

  1. Open the WhatsApp app and click the more options button. 
  2. Then go to setting and touch the QR CODE icon.
  3. Now click that “Scan Code.”
  4. Point your device over the QR code to scan.
  5. Click the “ADD” button.

How to scan WhatsApp QR CODE using a WhatsApp camera?

  1. Open the WhatsApp and click the “Camera” icon
  2. Point your device over the QR code to scan.
  3. Click the “ADD” button.

How to scan WhatsApp QR Code Scan from the New Contact screen?

  1. Open WhatsApp and click the “New chat.”
  2. Now click the QR code icon next to the new contact.
  3. Then click “Scan Code.”
  4. Click the “ADD” button.

How to scan the WhatsApp web QR code when chatting?

  1. Open WhatsApp. Then go to an individual or group chat.
  2. Now, click the “Camera” icon.
  3. Then click the image with the QR code to scan.
  4. Click the “ADD” button.

If you never log out, the application will keep your sessions alive. 

But the problem is, whenever you log out from the PC devices, to log in back each time, you have to scan the QR code. Sometimes it could be troublesome.

WhatsApp web Keyboard shortcuts

There are excellent features you can use with this app. You can try them by yourself.

If you want to get the full benefits, you have to know the keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + N   To start a new chat.

Ctrl + Shift + [:  Move to the previous chat

Ctrl + Shift +]:  Move to the next chat

Ctrl + Shift + M:  Mute the chat

Ctrl + E:  Archive the chat

Ctrl + Shift + U:  To mark the chat as unread

Ctrl + Backspace:   To delete the whole conversation

Ctrl + P  To open the profile status.

Ctrl + Shift +N   To create a new group.

WhatsApp web Top features

Everyone loves emojis. But it is challenging to find favorite emoji while typing. With the help of keyboard shortcuts, you can now find emojis faster than ever.

 In the regular text box, you can type (Shift + Key) followed by the first two letters of the emoji you want to use.

Also, there are classic shortcuts for emoji. You can type those shortcuts whenever you need to.

If you’re going to use several accounts, you can try a few methods. You can open different tabs and sign on separately in the same browser. 

You can do it by opening a new tab in the same windows. You can open an incognito window in another browser and use separate accounts.

You can get rid of that “Blue Double Stick.” You can stop the blue double-stick been appearing. Sometimes it is not easy with that.

WhatsApp web for Mac

WhatsApp web for Mac OS X

You can download the WhatsApp web.Exe file to your iMac desktop or laptop quickly as windows users. The process is the same, and nothing notable difference.

First, you should visit the WhatsApp web official website. Then click the Download Page, and you will see the download icon. Below the download icon, you can find this sentence ”Download for Mac OS X 10.10 and higher“.

Click the above link and get the Exe file for iOS devices. Go to your download folder and double-click the Exe file, and now you are ready to use WhatsApp web on your iMac PC.

Follow the QR Code instruction to log into your PC WhatsApp Web App using your Smartphone.


WhatsApp is the world’s most famous messaging application. Now you can quickly send any message to anyone in the world.

All the options available in this application are easy to use and navigate. There are no advertisements. It is a significant policy of the developers of this excellent application.

You don’t have to worry about contact. The application automatically imports your phone contact to the application.

Now you can share your location with your contact. So it is easy to navigate to an unknown place to meet someone. The app is free to use.

Now it has become even easier to communicate via WhatsApp online web.

If you are an office worker or spend most of your time working on a PC or Laptop, you can now use WhatsApp Web to message anyone easily.

You should not need to check your mobile phone every time. You can enable desktop app notifications to get instant updates.

You can keep your mobile device far from your workstation and start messaging with this.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Why do windows 7 desktop computers keep crashing the WhatsApp web app?

WhatsApp is officially announced it will no longer support the Windows 7 and Windows XP versions.

As they said, you need windows 8 / windows 8.1 or windows 10 version to use the WhatsApp Exe application on your desktop. There is no trick to using the app on your windows 7 ultimate version PC or laptop. 

Why do WhatsApp web desktop versions always require a connection to my phone?

WhatsApp online web is an extension of the WhatsApp mobile app. You cannot run it alone like a telegram or Skype app.

Your WhatsApp mobile account is always paired with the desktop web version.

Web WhatsApp online app directly connects with the WhatsApp server. The phone is mandatory only for end-to-end encryption. 

My WhatsApp web video can’t be played. How to fix it?

First, you need to update your Firefox or Google chrome browser, and then you need to check your adobe flash player plugin.

If you are using the old version of the flash player, your WhatsApp browser web app will not allow playing videos in your browser. 

Why does WhatsApp crash when I am opening the WhatsApp web online application?

There will probably be a new release in the WhatsApp mobile app. First, You need to install the latest update to your mobile app. Then you should clear the cache data on your mobile. Then restart the mobile application. 

Why was WhatsApp web rejected to send a file?

Many people are currently using windows 10, and some guys have not updated their windows regularly.

So if you are using a Microsoft edge browser to log in and access the WhatsApp web online application, you should think twice before using an edge browser.

The reason is the edge browser update with Microsoft windows updates. If you did not get the latest updates, your edge browser might not work correctly on the Whatsapp web.

How to fix the WhatsApp web app that does not open and work in Firefox (64-bit)?

Firefox has many versions currently, and you need to download the latest Exe file on the official website.

If you are already installed, you need to double-check your installed application with the current official version. If you are using the old version, you need to update your Firefox as soon as possible. 

How to solve the WhatsApp web scanning QR code problem after the android 9 updates?

Some Smartphone users face the problem of scanning the QR code after updating the android 9.0 version. When they scan the QR code, they get a black screen. Here is the way how you can fix that matter.

First, you need to download the rotation control app to your device.

Once you are installed, then open the app and enable the “start controlling rotation” option.

Now check the sticky notification from the rotation control app and click both the shield icon and landscape icon.

Now you are ready to set up WhatsApp online web as usual. 

Why is the WhatsApp web pc app always getting disconnected?

If you are using the latest android model, you might activate battery saving mode. If you are using battery saver mode, your mobile automatically turns off your data to save the battery after a few minutes. 

When your mobile connection is lost with the PC WhatsApp browser web account, your web account is discounted. 

You need to turn off your battery auto saver mode and allow all push notifications to avoid this matter. 

Why would WhatsApp web not allow downloading anything to my PC?

Most of the time, there will be a browser issue. You can download the WhatsApp EXE for Windows instead of the PC browser web app. 

Install the Exe file to your desktop. Both are working the same so that you can use either app on your home PC.

Does WhatsApp web allow calls?

Web App allows both voice and video calls to your contacts. Yes, it is free. To get a better experience, you need a stable internet connection.

How to switch between voice and video calls?

When you are on a voice call with someone, you can request to switch to a video call conference. The user who you are voice calling can choose to tap “OK” or “Cancel” your request.

What are the System and Hardware Requirements of WhatsApp Web?

Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) 8/ 8.1/ / 10/ 11 Vista and Mac- OS X 10.10 and above.

CPU: 750MHz AMD, Intel

 RAM: 512 MB or above.

 Disk Space: 50MB

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