What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus ! yes, You may have heard that your friends are talking how cool is that hiding last seen status from someone. You may wonder why even though messages were delivered why you can’t see the blue dual sticks. Why that friend’s status is longer than normal ones. Why you can’t put customize images with words on it. That’s all because of the WhatsApp plus APK. It is a moderated version of the original app to include more new cool features. WhatsApp Plus download can be done from this site’s download section.

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Why should you use WhatsApp?

Everyone is now ‘WHATSAPP IN.’ Almost in every teenager’s to adult mobile phone everyone has installed the application. To share the media files, text with friends, to have fun in group chats, to share important messages everyone is using it right now. You may have heard that Facebook paid whopping 18 Billion dollars to acquire it because of the popularity among users. This is ideal when you want to share media such as photos, videos, documents, etc., Also you can make video calls from anywhere in the world. These options would save massive phones bills at the end of the month to you. So why don’t you download WhatsApp free from our site? Use the below button to descargar WhatsApp plus latest version to your iPhone, Android Smartphone or iMac PC.

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Download WhatsApp plus APK latest version 2020.

The latest version of WhatsApp mod Apk download links can be founded in our site for Android devices. Place click on the following links to visit the relevant WhatsApp mod apk download section to download the newest version of WhatsApp Plus 2020. It’s free to be downloaded and before downloading, make sure you current data being backup. After you backup data you can easily restore with the latest version. To get the backup of data, click on settings > click backup.

If you want to log WhatsApp web chat then click the link to get more information about whatsapp Web.

Install WhatsApp Plus APK 2020

  1. Download the latest version from the below download link. You can download the latest WhatsApp plus APK from our download section to the mobile phone you use. In this download section, you can find other mods of WhatsApp also. You can download GB WhatsApp, OgWhatsApp versions from there.
  2. Getting a backup copy of all the shared media and conversation you had is important. You can now simply upload your backup copy to the Gmail or any other mail account you prefer. This steps would make sure you won’t lose any valuable data.
  3. You have to uninstall the current version of WhatsApp from your mobile device to install the latest WhatsApp plus Apk 2020. Just go to the setting of your mobile phone and click uninstall.
  4. Now you can click on downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK and install it on Android operating system.
  5. As to verify the mobile number of yours, you have to enter it in the verification process, and you will receive an activation code to confirm your phone number.
  6. Now you can restore the backup data of yours and enjoy the new cool features in the latest WhatsApp Plus.

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What are the Requirements to install?

✔ You should have the following requirement to install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile phone.

✔ The latest version of Android OS has to be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

✔ Backup of your data is very important. You don’t want to lose your data with the new installation.

Top Features in WhatsApp Plus mod app

  • The new modified version is almost the same as the original one. Just it has upgraded with new features that would bring your user experience to a new level.
  • Ban Proof:- Yeas you read it right!!! You can’t be banned from using the application. It has given massive respect to your privacy, and you can use it freely now.
  • Auto reply:- Sometimes you are busy with important works and don’t have time to reply to messages. Now you can create a message to respond automatically and use it.
  • Video Calling:- Now you can video conferencing with anyone you want.
  • Themes and Theme server:- Who doesn’t like to have a beautiful theme in the messaging service. Now you have your own customize themes in messaging screens.
  • Hide the status with grey and blue ticks:- Yes, now you will be able to stay away from the nonsense messages. You can change the status color of the blue sticks and ignore the messages you really don’t want to reply.
  • Can send video up to 30MB:- Isn’t cool that now you can share videos up to 30Mb. You can record a full lengthily video and share. No need of breaking down to small video clips.
  • Share documents up to 100Mb:- You can share any type of documents up to 100Mb now. It can be PDF, spreadsheets, slideshows, word documents, etc.

What are the Top 5 secrets you may need to know more about whatsapp plus?

  • The Maximum number of members in a group is now 256:- More members in a group, more fun you can have. Now you can have 256 friends in your party group or daily chat group.
  • Now can hide online status:- You can stay away from that person you don’t like by hiding online status. When you busy with other work you can hide the online status and continue with your work.
  • Hiding of blue stick:- Ok, now you want to read the message, but also you don’t want to see the sender that you have read it. You can hide the blue stick option with this new update.
  • Can’t see the typing status:- yes!! You may have been begging to hide the typing status. It’s difficult to see someone is typing for a longer period of time with showing typing status. Finally, you can protect the typing status.
  • Recording status in a group:- People like to record and send voice messages to the group. Now you can record voice clips without letting others know that you are recording.
  • Photos maintain high quality:- We all know that the quality of pictures is hugely reduced when we shared in the app. But after it got upgraded now, we can share images with higher resolution.
  • More than 200 characters in your states:- Now you can put longer lyrics of your favorite song as the statues. The WhatsApp Plus now supports 250 characters in your status.

And many more cool features. TO get GB whatsapp apk 2020 click here.

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What are the latest Change logs you have to be aware of in WhatsApp Plus 2020

☆ Newest version: v 7.20 (29/06/2020)

☆ Notifications for Revoked messages

☆ Group description: Enabled and could be viewed in the header

☆ Video playback with the player you prefer. (Mod 6.19)

☆ Mention button has being added

☆ Payment mode has being added

☆ Ability to hide group description from the header has been added (Mod 1.2.66)

☆ Back button for convert video to GIF has been added

☆ Improved auto-replying feature

☆ Automatically replied messages can be edited

☆ New group pages, broadcast page, custom chats screen and scheduler page have been added

☆ Unsaved participants names are highlighted (Mod 1.2.67)

☆ The size of the online last seen status has been added on the main screen (Mod 2.2.30A)

☆ Admin caption mode has been fixed

☆ Delete auto reply has been fixed

☆ Hidden chat counter showing on widget has been fixed Secret chat opening from group info has been fixed.

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WhatsApp Plus 2020 for Android devices.

You would be amazed by the new features available in the latest WhatsApp plus Apk 2020. Isn’t it feel good to have cool features to be replaced the old features. This WhatsApp Plus free download gives you tons of new features. You will instantly fall in love with the latest features in the upgrade. You can now get a video call to the special one you missed a lot. You can put a longer status to put your favorite song lyrics. In the next section, we have written down all the available cool features with this new updated WhatsApp plus Apk 2020. WhatsApp Plus download app can be founded in our download section. Please click the download button to get the right apk file.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits I get from change to the latest wathsap version?
    A. You can have the newest cool features at your fingertips and new privacy control features.
  2. Availability for iPhone users?
    A. Sorry, this updated version of WhatsApp is not available for iPhone users at the present moment.
  3. Can I have multiple accounts at the same time with WhatsApp Plus?
    A. You can’t have multiple accounts
  4. I don’t want to uninstall my old WhatsApp Plus
    A. Uninstalling of the old version is a must
  5. Am I save from the hackers?
    A. You are safe from breaching of privacy. All the messages are being encrypted end to end.
  6. Can I have WhatsApp plus in my iPhone?
    Sorry, developers haven’t developed WhatsApp Plus iOS compatibility version yet.

WhatsApp plus


You will be amazed that how these could new features help you have better user experience with messaging. The latest WhatsApp plus APK 2020 has provided you with rich functionalities that could enhance your privacy, expression methods, and communication methods. Etc. All the features are now filled with advanced features. Even now you can secret chat with anyone by enabling password option.

You have to download the latest version from download section and restore it with the older version. Before uninstalling you have to take backups of your data. The installation procedure is simple, and after verification code activated you can use the latest version of it

Newest features are fantastic that you would be amazed by the efficiency of them. Such as video conferencing calls, upgraded privacy setting, amount of file and image size have been increased, group chats have more control to admins, replying automatically and banded proof!!!

Get the WhatsApp plus latest version to experience the messaging service like never before. Enjoy all the new options available it. Share all the media you want to share with friends, family easily. Share higher resolution images among friends and family. You can do all of these things while protecting your privacy which you value most.