OG YouTube APK Download for Android 2020

OG YouTube APK – YouTube has become the world most popular video sharing platform. After it published the first video on 23 April 2005, it has become a global sensation. Daily 1, 3000,000,000 of users use it to watch different videos.

It was founded out that 300 long hours of video have been uploaded in every miniature. If you think that is amazing, how about this fact. 5 billions of videos are watched on every single day. 30 millions of users visit the site every day to watch videos.

There is no age barrier with using this service. Research has shown that out 8 of 10, 18-49-year-olds watch videos in every month. Each month users spend 3.25 Billion hours on YouTube. Even though YouTube is a USA based company, 80% of viewers are from other countries. In USA 9% of small business use OGYouTube for their business promotion activities.

OG YouTube APK free download

What is this new OG YouTube app?

OG YouTube is an alternative version of YouTube. It has many new features that original YouTube application couldn’t provide for you. It can be used to download YouTube videos on Android devices. The useful option is that you can watch YouTube videos in the background even after your screen is locked.

☆Also, you can download quality videos by using this application. Now you no need to convert video to mp3 after download. You can choose the option to download video songs in mp3 format in this app.

OG YouTube download version is available in our download page, and you can always come and check for any update OGYouTube in this site. This app is secured and no harm with using in Android devices. You can download OG YouTube latest version from our download section.

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install OG YouTube mod APK

Features in OG YouTube mod apk

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Same like the original app, this also has developed with a simple user interface.

You can’t see any download options in the original app. But in the OG YouTube mod, you can find download icon below the video player.

Videos can be downloaded with different qualities.

Video quality range includes 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2k.

You have the option to download the video in mp3 format.

Multiple downloads can be done simultaneously.

Videos can be watched in the background.

Videos can be watched in popup windows.

Even after the screen is locked, still you can watch videos.

If you want to get subtitles in the video, you can download videos with subtitles.

It provides control options to change video’s position, volume, and the brightness.

Download OG YouTube APK latest version

In the following section, we have described how to download this APK and install it in your android mobile device. This version is free and without paying any money. All the features that described above are free to use.

Before downloading this version, you must first download and install the microG for OGYouTube apk.

This version only works on Android devices. Developers of this application haven’t released a version for iOS yet. If you want to watch high-quality HD videos offline, this is the software to get YouTube videos. While you are working with another app, this one can stream videos in the background.Why should you use GB WhatsApp?

At the moment this version is not available in Google Play Store. We have provided download options for you to download the application from our download section.

OG YouTube APK latest version

How to install OG YouTube app in Android

First, download the microG APK. This APK let you use the OGYouTube without any difficulties.

Next, download the latest version by clicking on the download button provided below

After that, install the downloaded version on your mobile device. After installation completed, open the app. If it required to update, click on the update button and update it.

How to use OG YouTube?

✔ After you download this application, you can download videos from YouTube. Just click on the download icon on the video streaming window. If you want to play the videos in the background, click on the background icon.

Whatever video you like to save and watch offline later, download the video and save it into your mobile device.

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How to play YouTube videos in the background?

If the background videos don’t play automatically, follow the following steps to activate it.

✔First, click on the settings icon. It is the dotted line on the top left corner.

✔Second, click on the download option.

✔After click on the download option, you can see two options that can be changed. You can select Enable Screen Off Playback & Enable Background Playback.

✔After enabling these options, you can watch videos in the background without any problem.

OG app mod APK

Changelog update

Newest updated version: 4.2

APK now works on Marshmallow

Issues fixed: downloading links updating

Control options were added to change volume, brightness, position

You can now enable all quality versions

Vibration is enabled for notifications

Now you can have download support for Android Nougat

Transaction Id can be reset

Download process has been improved

Support for Android marshmallow has been added

Multiple video downloads have been enabled.

You can change to the background by click on a button.

Download icon can be hidden.

Before the download starts, you can now rename the videos.

A new option has been added to set “Default screen.”

A new option has been added to “Default Quality.”

You can now rewind videos.

You can now skip videos.

download OG app


In here I have shared information about the latest YouTube mode, OG YouTube. It only available for Android devices and you need an Android emulator to use in iOS.

It provided more advanced features than the original YouTube.

With the help of this mod, you can different types of videos with different qualities and different formats.

This is the most suitable version to download YouTube videos. The popularity of this application is gradually increasing.

Because it provides advanced and useful features that could enhance the user experience.

Download OGYouTube APK from our download and join with the OGYouTube community who loves what they are experiencing.