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OG WhatsApp, This has become the most popular messaging service in the world. You just simply can’t get enough of it. Everyone is now messaging, sharing media with WhatsApp. Everyone loves that now they can even make voice calls or video calls from WhatsApp web.

The application’s growth is impressive. Billions of people are now using it every day. You know Facebook didn’t invest $19 Billion on a fail messaging service.

After the Facebook acquisition, the user level has tripled and had around 1.5 Billion users by the February 2019.

With these amount of users, the service exchanges more than 65 Billions of messages every day, and it’s been growing steadily. All the messages are secured by using end-to-end encryption.

So it could block anyone hacking from the messages or media shared by users. Even the app itself could not monitor the media shared by two parties. Hence it has provided maximum protection for user privacy.

OGwhatsapp apk free download

What is this OGWhatsApp and what you should know about it?

OG WhatsApp is very popular among the young users who prefer it to the original application, and the growth of popularity is getting bigger day by day. It is a different mod to the original version.

The updated mod has new and interesting features than the original app. Such as in OG WhatsApp you can hide your online status from other users, you can hide blue stick, double stick, have the ability to hide typing/recording status in a group, etc.

There are a lot of features than the original one which enhances your messaging experience with it.

☆With this version, you can have multiple accounts together in your mobile device. Three accounts for three mobile numbers and all three accounts in the same mobile device.

Isn’t it cool that you don’t have to carry three mobile phones with separate WhatsApp accounts! You simply open the OG WhatsApp and view all the messages received to multiple accounts at once.

☆You can use OGWhatsApp as another version of the original app. It has fully customizable functions. If you want to have customizable mods of WhatsApp, you should try WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp.

These applications could provide you with more enhanced features than the original application.

☆If you wish to download OGWhatsApp to your Smartphone, please click on the below download button and proceed to our download section. From there you can choose the mod APK you want to download.

We have uploaded several of these mods of WhatsApp to download, into your mobile. You can select WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp.

To get more information about WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp click the respective tabs on the website menu.

OGWhatsApp specifications

Type Specs
App Size 34 MB
The last update released 30 june 2020
Version 6.10
Root No
App Developer David
Category WhatsApp Mods
OS Android 4.0 and above
Last Update 2020 june

OG WhatsApp features that you don’t want to miss.

Same like the other WhatsApp mods, OGWhatsApp also provides different types of mods for users. WhatsApp mods such as privacy mod, lock mod, media sharing options, last seen option, hide double and blue ticks, change online status, etc.

The most important part is that you can use this APK with other different versions APK. You can use OGWhatsApp with GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and the original WhatsApp together.

OGwhatsapp apk

We have mentioned the OGWhatsApp features below.

☆ Security:- You can now message with your loved ones without any fear. The application is 100% safe to use, and it can be used as the other WhatsApp mods. With the technology of data encryption, there is no need to worry about data loss, pissing or sniffing. You can take any voice call or video call without any hesitation now.

☆ You can have multiple WhatsApp in your mobile device:- Nice right? Having multiple WhatsApp accounts in the same mobile device could be very useful. So you can have separate WhatsApp accounts of your different SIM cards, in the same mobile device. Hence you could exchange messages easily among your family, friends, office co-workers, club members, etc. These separate accounts won’t conflict with each other accounts.

Your privacy is secured:- The updated APK comes with various types of privacy control options. It has provided options like hiding online status, hiding blue tick option, hiding second tick option, hiding last seen option, hiding writing status and recording status. This status can be changed whenever you want to change them.

☆ Custom mods:- Coolest thing about this latest Apk is that you can customize mods as you like. You can customize chat heads, and you can customize the main screen, tick, style. Because of this mod customization, you can now freely customize whatever mod you want.

Top Extra Features

There are newly added Emoji.

You can send HD quality high-resolution images.

You can hide chats from others.

You can now save your story with the new save button.

You can now copy your favorite status from another status.

Sharable video file size has been increased to 50MB.

Launch icon mod can be changed.

You can now put status with 255 characters.

You can now lock the application. So no one won’t be able to read your messages.

You can copy text from a message.

The broadcast limit has been increased. You can now broadcast messages up to 600 members in a group.

It has become multilingual. Yes, now you can use different language characters to message.

Up to 90 images can be shared now. Now at once, you can send a lot of images to the receiver while protecting the high quality with excellent resolution.

Longer group names can be added now. You can add characters up to 35 into a group name.

You can now copy messages without the sender’s name, date and time.

And many more cool features.

OGwhatsapp latest version

Download OG WhatsApp Latest Version to your mobile phone.

This latest version is similar to the WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. The cool thing about this OG WhatsApp 2019 is that you can use multiple user accounts at once on your mobile phone.

No, there is no problem with having multiple WhatsApp accounts in your mobile device. To separate accounts that have been created for different SIM cards can be accessed at once from your single mobile phone.

You won’t get banned for doing it.

You can search the latest OGWhatsApp download links from this site.

This So now with GB WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp Plus, original WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp at the same time.

That means two separate accounts for two spate mobile numbers, in the same mobile device.

We have put the latest OGWhatsApp free version download links below. We will continue adding latest versions in this site. Backup all the previous versions data and uninstall it.

After that, install Application latest version. After installing you are ready to experience the cool features of it.

Install OGWhatsApp 2019 Android version.

In below we have discussed how you can install the app into your mobile phone without any difficulties.

The process will take only a few minutes to be completed. This guide will show you how it is easy to install the App into your mobile device.

The important thing to remember is that while you download and install this APK, still you can keep any mods you have got in your mobile device.

You can keep WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp plus while installing this APK.

If you are planning to install only this APK, please follow below steps.

You should have the following requirement to install OGWhatsApp Plus on your mobile phone.

The latest version of Android OS. It has to be Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

Backup of your data is very important. You don’t want to lose your data with the new installation.

To download in a PC or Mac, you should have an Android emulator application like Bluestack.

Install OG WhatsApp 2019 in iOS.

✔ If you are an iPhone user, you won’t be able to install it in your iPhone. The developers of this APK hasn’t developed an iOS version yet. But you can have Android emulator in your iMac and use this version.

You can download an emulator from our download section.

Install OG WhatsApp 2019 in windows PC.

✔Without an emulator for Android, you can’t run this application in your PC. Hence, first, you have downloaded an Android emulator. To install the emulator, you can download the BlueStack application by clicking on the below download button.

After installing the BlueStack application, you can install the OGWhatsApp 2019 in that.

Install OGWhatsApp 2019 in iMac.

✔Same as for the PC, your iMac must have an Android emulator to run any Android application. So first you have to download an Android emulator.

To install the emulator, you can download the BlueStack application by click on the below download button.

After installing the Bluestack application, you can install the OG WhatsApp in that.

OGwhatsapp mod apk

Changelogs in OGWhatsApp APK.

Updating of the base (2.17.427)

DND mode has been added

FAB size can be changed with the new option.

FAB position can be changed

New emoji have been added

Multiple language support has been added

Dialer option has been improved with Edit, Copy, and Paste Numbers.

Clock sticker has been added

Group info setting option has been enabled

Theme based Emoji and Gif can be searched.

Option to identify Admin messages in groups has been added.

Bugs fixed with sending and receiving more than one image (Mod 6.2)

OG whatsapp latest apk


This is a free version to download.

You can download OG WhatsApp APK for free from this site download section

With the amount of new available features, you would be amazed how it is easy to message and share media now.

The number of useful features is immense in this application.

You can download other WhatsApp mods and use them with this OGWhatsApp 2019.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I trust this application?

Absolutely you can trust this application.
It has tons of features to protect your privacy and makes sure your data is safe from pissing, hacking or sniffing from third parties.

What requirement should I have on my mobile phone?

Your mobile phone has to be an Android version. The Android OS should be 4.0 or above.
To download the application from this site, you must have a stable internet connection.

Why did you say that I have to back up my data?

Because if just in case something happened during installation, still you can save your backup data.
Then you can quickly recover your data back to the WhatsApp version you had before.

Do I need another WhatsApp mod? 

Don’t you want to have multiple WhatsApp accounts in the same mobile phone? Then you must have the latest OGWhatsApp mod apk.

I can’t find an iOS version?

Developers still haven’t built an iOS version yet. But you can install an emulator and use the application.

Can you recommend another alternative WhatsApp mod APK?

You can download GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. Both mods can be used with OGWhatsApp.