Does WhatsApp crash when typing?

An unknown bug in WhatsApp breaks the chain and crashes when you are tying specific text.

Does WhatsApp crash when typing? The combination of some words becomes code causing the app to crash permanently. It means you have to delete and reinstall your WhatsApp again.

Does WhatsApp crash when typing?

What is the reason behind WhatsApp crashes when typing?

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The malicious code is injected from third-party applications or spam messages and spread among all the WhatsApp users. The code stops the function of WhatsApp messaging. 

You will not be able to use your phone for a longer duration until you delete the WhatsApp app and reinstall it again. 

However, there are other reasons also that may cause WhatsApp to crash when typing.

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What reasons can cause you to crash WhatsApp when you are typing?

1) Storage on your device is not sufficient to perform a certain task on the phone. 

The low storage could affect the data processing, and WhatsApp will not store new messages on your phone. Free up the space to allow the phone storage to store the new messages without any trouble.

2) Bugs in the Whatsapp application could be one reason why your phone is not working as usual. 

Uninstall the app from your phone and clear all the cache and temporary files. Ensure that you are installing the latest version of Whatsapp.

3) Check for permission to the Whatsapp application. 

Sometimes the operating system or any third-party application may restrict some applications to access the data if the app’s default setting is changed. 

The background process would be reduced, and you will not be able to use WhatsApp smoothly.

4) There are possibilities that the latest version of Whatsapp may have conflicts between the system background process and the Whatsapp core functions. 

When both interact and are not aligned, the application will be shut down with an error. You will experience the crash of the application while using it. 

5) Malware problem is rare but possible in the Whatsapp application that causes the app to stop running. 

Malware affects the application’s core function, where it processes the data. 

When the app encounter problem with the background process, it immediately stops the app and restricts the user from using it. 

The app crashes without any notice or error message creating confusion. It is annoying to see the application crashes when you have an important message to send. 

When Whatsapp cannot interact effectively with the system, it stops all the processes and breaks the connection.

How do you fix the WhatsApp crash on your iPhone?

The WhatsApp application problem is most common on the iPhone. Before you take any action to fix the problem with the given solution, ensure that you have taken the backup of your data. If something goes wrong, you will have your messages in the backup file, which you can easily restore on your phone. 

Additionally, determine the frequency of the crash. If WhatsApp crashes not too frequently, then there is a problem with the system. Update the app and the operating system. 

The new version will be compatible with all the applications. If the older version of the operating system causing the problem, then updating it to the more recent version would solve it.


Apply the below-given solution to fix the WhatsApp crash problem.

1) Reinstall the WhatsApp

It is advisable to install the app again by deleting it. When you remove the app from your device, it deletes all the temporary files, such as cache. 

These files might have corrupted and not useful for the application. Download the latest version of WhatsApp and install it as usual. It will solve the problem, and you will never face a similar issue again.

2) Facebook could be the reason:

There are possibilities that the Facebook application is causing the problem to WhatsApp. Facebook and WhatsApp are both own by Facebook. 

The facebook runs the background process where it syncs all the contact details found on the phone. 

The process takes too much time and affects the core functions of the device. It adds more load to the device and makes other applications stop working. 

You need to disable the Facebook application. You can do that by visiting the settings > Enter your Facebook login details > Turn of contact sync to adjust the settings.

3) Update to a newer version:

Updating the WhatsApp application to the newer version would solve the problem. The latest version would have the bug fixes and solutions to the most common problem people face in WhatsApp. 

Also, it will reduce the compatibility issue in the phone. Check for the new update and start updating process.

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Why WhatsApp crashes when opening a particular chat?

There are several reasons why the WhatsApp application crashes when you open a particular chat or a personal message. One of the reasons for this is the photo used on the profile picture is malicious. You should remove the image from the contact list and then try to access the same chat.

Next, uninstall the Whatsapp application and reinstall it again by downloading the newer version. 

The old version might have bugs in it. Also, there are possibilities that the old version would have catch malware. 

If the message sent by the users had malware, then it might have corrupted the core files of WhatsApp, causing it to crash. 

When you reinstall and install the new version again, it will remove any malware activities from your phone. 

Also, if the particular chat had a problem, it will be disabled from accessing. 

The new version of Whatsapp will deal with Spamware and malware, and You will never have such a problem again with the Whatsapp application.

The message sent by the user might have some message that may have identified as malware by the security system of Whatsapp. 

When a large group of people is affected by a similar message, it is automatically deleted, and the sender’s profile is disabled. 

To ensure that you are not the one whose data also compromise, always take the backup and keep your Whatsapp application up. 

The new security update will prevent the malware activity from stealing your data. Follow the above-given solutions to fix the problem.

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