Does airplane mode turn OFF WhatsApp?

Does airplane mode turn OFF WhatsApp? When you turn on airplane mode in the default setting, all the radio frequencies, Bluetooth, mobile networks, and Wi-Fi will get turned off. Hence, WhatsApp required Wi-Fi or Mobile Data connectivity to process the data.

You will not be able to access the message or send the message to someone.

Does airplane mode turn OFF WhatsApp?

Does Airplane mode stop WhatsApp messages?

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Yes. Once you turn on the airplane mode, all the background process, WiFi connectivity, the mobile network automatically get shutdown.

You have to turn on the Wi-Fi manually when airplane mode is on to receive the WhatsApp messages.

Will WhatsApp work in airplane mode?

Yes. It is possible to use Whatsapp when airplane mode is on. You have to change the internet connectivity settings to allow the Whatsapp app to send and receive messages.

Remember that when the airplane mode is on by default, all the background process is stopped.

If you are willing to use Whatsapp when airplane mode is on, you can manually change the internet connectivity settings. Whatsapp requires high-speed internet to run the function.

Once the internet connection is established, WhatsApp will get activated. You will start receiving messages from other people. It will generally work even if airplane mode is on.

What happens if you read WhatsApp messages on airplane mode?

Airplane mode disables the Bluetooth, Internet, WiFi connection, mobile data, infrared and wireless connection. All kinds of communication will be kept on hold until you turn off the airplane mode.

When you view the message on WhatsApp, the application sent the report to the sender. The sender of the message gets to know that you have read the message.

You will see the double tick icon at the bottom of each message in blue, indicating the other person has read the message.

The airplane mode restricts the phone from sending a message because there is no internet connectivity on your phone.

So if you want to reach the WhatsApp message without letting another person know that you have viewed the message, then turn on the airplane mode, read the message and go back to the normal mode by turning off the airplane mode again.

That is a hidden trick to read the WhatsApp message without letting the sender know about it.

What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode?

If someone tries to call you while your phone is on airplane mode, the person who is calling you will receive a message saying the phone is switched off.

The phone will not be reachable when airplane mode is on. The mobile network will be disabled, and no call be allowed too.

The airplane mode disables all the radio signals on the phone. All modern devices come with the airplane mode function.

No matter what operating system you use, the airplane mode feature will be there on the phone.

The features are made available to the people to disconnect all the radio frequencies when the user travels in the plane or where radio signals can cause trouble to the equipment.

It is easy to disable the radio waves when you turn on airplane mode.

The airplane mode turns off the cellular radio signals, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS signals, and wireless transmission functions.

When you travel through a plane or want to disable all activities on the phone, activate the airplane mode.

Can I make Wi-Fi calls on airplane mode?

No. The phone will not allow you to make Wi-Fi calls due to no network coverage when airplane mode is on. All the network connectivity, Wi-Fi connection, mobile data, and other background functions of the application will be disabled.

The phone restricts any activity related to the radio signal from processing the data. Therefore, the airplane mode will cause the phone to go into freezing mode.

The Wi-Fi calling will not work, and you may not make any voice call over the Wi-Fi.

The default setting may not allow you to make the WiFi calling while on airplane mode, but there is a way you can do WiFi calling when you override the default setting.

WhatsApp allows you to make changes to the network setting.

Go to the Wi-Fi setting; enable the Wi-Fi network when on airplane mode. Once you are connected to the network, you will make the Wi-Fi call while on airplane mode.

All other signals will be disabled except the WiFi supporting applications.

What is the benefit of airplane mode?

Airplane mode is looked for the disabling the radio signal while near the electronic appliance or plane. However, airplane mode has many other benefits that you should know and start using when the situation arises.

Here are some of the benefits of airplane mode.

1) Limit distraction:

The airplane mode turns off all the background processes and applications. Once the applications are disabled, you will no longer receive calls, messages, and notifications. Your phone will be complete in a dead position.

Many people use this features to keep themselves away from the distraction while working on the important project. No one will call you if you are in airplane mode.

2) Save Battery Life:

Airplane mode will be a battery saver option when you struggle with the power source in the remote area.

The airplane mode disables all the background processes and stops the consumption of the battery. No function will be active to soak up the remaining energy.

3) Charge phone faster:

Typically, when the phone is in the normal mode, the battery will be charged slower because some functions are active in the background consuming the power.

The airplane mode disables all the functions and gives priority to the charging. When there is no battery loss, the phone will charge faster.

4) Make the phone child friendly:

When you hand over the phone to the child, you can keep the phone in airplane mode while your child is accessing it. The airplane mode will disable the internet connectivity, so your child will not be able to access the restricted apps or browse the web mistakenly.

Bottom Line:

Turning the airplane mode on would give you the ability to use WhatsApp without an internet connection.

Also, there are many benefits of using the airplane mode to improve efficiency in your everyday life.

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